Coal is about industrial production, and it is more about heating the people.

However, in recent times, coal prices have risen rapidly, hitting record highs in succession. The National Development and Reform Commission called it "completely divorced from the fundamentals of supply and demand" and "still showing a trend of further irrational increases."

Just this week, multiple departments worked together to take a variety of intervention measures in accordance with the law to promote the return of coal prices to a reasonable range.

  The reporter learned from China Southern Power Grid on October 22 that the five provinces and autonomous regions of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Hainan will realize that all coal-fired electricity will be traded in the electricity market starting from November, and market-based electricity prices will fluctuate up and down.

  Lu Yong, deputy general manager of the Planning and Finance Department of China Southern Power Grid: Promoting all coal-fired power and all industrial and commercial power to enter the market for market transactions is conducive to straightening out the price mechanism of coal power and alleviating the current power supply shortage.

The National Development and Reform Commission held three seminars in a row

  The recent rapid increase in coal prices has not only greatly increased the production costs of downstream industries, but also has an adverse impact on the guarantee of energy supply such as power in winter and the warmth of the people through the winter.

To this end, a number of relevant departments have intensively shot this week:

  On October 19, the National Development and Reform Commission held three consecutive seminars inside and outside Beijing, all with the subject word "coal".

  The first session was to organize key coal companies, the China Coal Industry Association, and the China Electricity Council to study the implementation of intervention measures on coal prices in accordance with the law.

In the second session, we organized key enterprises in coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation, and studied and arranged the people to warm the winter through various key tasks.

In the third session, the National Development and Reform Commission held a special symposium, and proposed measures such as severely investigating and publicly exposing malicious capital speculation in accordance with the law.

  In the fourth quarter, relevant coal mining companies can increase production by more than 50 million tons; 38 construction coal mines with safe production conditions are included in emergency coal mines, allowing phased release of production capacity, with a total production capacity of 100 million tons/year; recently, the national daily coal output exceeded 1,150 10,000 tons, an increase of more than 1.2 million tons from mid-September.

  On October 19, Yulin City, Shaanxi, one of China's main coal producing areas, held a special meeting on coal supply guarantee for the fourth quarter, requiring relevant companies to sign a commitment to guarantee supply and stabilize prices, and the long-term agreement prices that have been signed must not be changed.

  At the same time, the development and reform, ecological environment, market supervision, and taxation departments are required to make full use of relevant laws and regulations such as the price law to jointly punish coal companies that violate the regulations and promote coal prices to return to a reasonable range.

  On October 20, the State Council held an executive meeting.

The meeting decided that, first, we must ensure heating in the north, especially in the northeast.

Make every effort to ensure the production and transportation of coal for heating.

Crack down on coal market speculation in accordance with the law.

Second, we must ensure the use of gas for heating in key northern areas.

Organize enterprises to increase gas supply, coordinate gas resources, and do a good job in peak shaving to ensure supply.

Adhere to the principle that coal is suitable for coal and electricity is suitable for electricity, and measures are taken to ensure the people's heating according to local conditions.

Third, we must give full play to the role of coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation guarantee mechanism, and do a good job of daily dispatch and weekly balance.

Consolidate local responsibilities and ensure that the prices of civil gas and heating are basically stable.

We will do a good job in the pre-plan for "suppressing non-residents", reasonably control the lighting of the city's night scenes, and promote energy conservation.

  On October 20, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued an announcement on its official website in the evening, stating: In order to further serve to ensure the supply and price stability of bulk commodities and strengthen the supervision of the futures market, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will instruct exchanges to increase handling fee standards, tighten transaction limits, and study and implement expanded delivery. A number of measures such as the scope of products, resolutely curb excessive speculation and put an end to malicious capital speculation.

  At the same time, we will maintain a high-pressure posture of zero tolerance for violations of laws and regulations in the futures market, make good use of the hedging function of the futures market to promote stable operations, and strictly regulate the management and use of raised funds.

Respond quickly to ensure the financing needs of enterprises such as coal, electricity, coal and steel

  On October 21, the relevant person in charge of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission introduced yesterday: It is necessary to optimize the financial services of coal-fired power, steel and other industries, and do their best to ensure financial support for energy supply.

  Wang Chaodi, spokesperson of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: We must do everything possible to ensure the reasonable financing needs of coal-fired power, coal, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and other production enterprises, and urge financial institutions to give reasonable support to coal-fired power, coal, heating and other enterprises and projects that meet the conditions for support. Credit support.

  The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is guiding bancassurance institutions to actively cooperate with local governments to support major coal and electricity producing areas and key coal companies and power generation companies in Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Xinjiang to increase the supply of electricity and coal.

  Wang Chaodi also stated that banking institutions can rationally adjust loan structure, repayment schedule, and deadlines in accordance with the principle of risk control.

By increasing our financial services, we ensure that everyone can have a warm winter.

Tax deferment for the taxes payable by coal-fired power and heating companies in the fourth quarter

  On October 22, the State Administration of Taxation also issued a message that all taxes due to coal power and heating companies in the fourth quarter of this year will be deferred.

According to data from the State Administration of Taxation, as of October 20, the national tax system has handled a total of 7.5 billion yuan in tax reductions, refunds, and deferrals for coal-fired power and heating companies that are included in the tax support of the "power guarantee".

  On the same day, the National Development and Reform Commission convened a meeting of the China Coal Industry Association and some key coal companies to study specific policies and measures to stop coal companies from making huge profits and ensure long-term stability of coal prices in a reasonable range.

  So many departments continue to intensively shoot, in fact, the goal is one word-stability.

It is necessary to stabilize coal prices and stabilize people's livelihood.

Let the enterprise produce stably and let the people survive the winter stably.

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