French President Emmanuel Macron said Friday after a European summit that the EU is too dependent on foreign gas for gas.

His Italian counterpart Mario Draghi went one step further and called on the EU to immediately start work on a joint storage facility for gas.

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The European heads of state have been together at a European summit for the past two days and discussed, among other things, the energy crisis as a result of the high gas prices.

There were no concrete additional measures, but a number of European leaders did give their views on possible ways out of the crisis afterwards.

French President Macron believes the bloc of 27 countries is too dependent on gas from abroad.

The EU mainly imports gas from Norway and Russia and due to legal and political problems with the latter country, less gas is now coming in.

That is why Italian Prime Minister Draghi believes that all countries should jointly store their gas stocks, so that it can be distributed fairly among the 27 countries.

"Italy has always emphasized in this energy crisis that the European Union must come to the rescue immediately," Draghi said on Friday.

At the same time, the EU is also investigating a plan to jointly purchase gas, but nothing has been decided on that for the time being.

Not all countries are on the same page about the plan.

The price of 1 megawatt hour of gas has risen by about 400 percent since the beginning of this year, which is driving up the energy bill for people with a variable contract.

The Dutch caretaker cabinet therefore announced last week that each family will receive about 400 euros discount on the energy bill next year.

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