Don't let it become a wounding weapon!

Registered as a "seat belt" for electric bicycles

  The number of electric bicycles in China is about 300 million and is still growing at an annual rate of 30%.

On the one hand, because of the convenience, low price and environmental protection, electric bicycles are very popular in the market. On the other hand, because of management problems, including subjective reasons such as vehicle owners, many safety accidents and hidden dangers have also appeared.

How to make electric vehicles a tool that facilitates everyone's travel, rather than a weapon that hurts others?

How to solve old problems with new ideas?

Zhang Zhuting, chairman of the Legal Work Committee of the China Highway Society, will show you: Registration is a "seat belt" for electric bicycles?


Why is there a three-year transition period in the regulations formulated by Beijing to restrict the use of electric vehicles that exceed the standard on the road?

  Zhang Zhuting, Chairman of the Legal Work Committee of the China Highway Society: Beijing formulated this regulation in 2018. At that time, the new national standard for electric bicycles was released this year, and it was implemented in April 2019. This resulted in a "new and old national standard". Conversion problem.

There is no problem with the registration of vehicles that meet the new national standard. Consumers of vehicles that do not meet the new national standard have already bought them, and it cannot be said that they will not be used by the owner immediately. Therefore, a "trust protection" principle is considered here, and the use of the vehicle is considered comprehensively. Objective factors such as life span and the rights and interests of vehicle owners have set up such a three-year transition period.


What is the e-bike product catalog?

  The "Regulations of Beijing Municipality on the Administration of Non-motorized Vehicles" stipulate that electric bicycles that are not included in the product catalog shall not be sold and registered in Beijing, and shall not be driven on the city's roads.

How to understand this product catalog?

What is its function?

  Zhang Zhuting, Chairman of the Legal Work Committee of the China Highway Society: According to the "Road Traffic Safety Law", electric bicycles are non-motor vehicles and must meet three technical standards.

One is the top speed, the second is the weight of the empty car, which is what we usually call the weight, and the third is the overall size.

If people are allowed to buy qualified electric bicycles according to these technical standards, it will involve very complicated professional technical issues.

Therefore, Beijing implements catalog announcement management. All products in the catalog meet the "new national standard". Manufacturers produce according to the catalog, sellers must sell according to the catalog, and the public security organs register according to the catalog. Of course, people can also buy cars. Choose according to the catalog.


E-bikes are forbidden to "go upstairs"

  At the system level, the "Regulations on Fire Safety Management of High-Rise Civil Buildings" implemented on August 1 have clarified that electric vehicles are prohibited from going upstairs.

How to solve the problem of parking and charging?

What needs to be paid attention to in the process of adding special charging piles and charging cabinets in various places?

  Zhang Zhuting, Chairman of the Legal Work Committee of the China Highway Society: This regulation issued by the Emergency Management Department has a wide range of application and is universal throughout the country.

But how to solve it better?

The regulations also put forward that “encourage the establishment of centralized storage and charging places for electric bicycles in high-rise residential communities.” It needs to be particularly reminded that there must be safety standards for centralized storage and installation of such facilities.

It must be set up independently, keep a safe distance from civil buildings, and be separated from other buildings by fire protection. At the same time, it is more important to pay attention to the safety of equipment and facilities.


What else should be improved to improve electric bicycles?

  Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and more and more cities will implement catalog announcement management to prevent non-compliant "exceeding standard" electric bicycles from entering the market. What should we pay attention to in the process?

  Zhang Zhuting, chairman of the Legal Work Committee of the China Highway Society: Electric vehicle products are innovated, and the production speed is relatively fast. The corresponding compliant product catalog should be updated in time.

In addition, the local governments are still formulating regulations for management. I think we should formulate a unified national law as soon as possible.

I also propose to amend the current penalty range of the Road Traffic Safety Law, because now it is only a fine of 5 yuan to 50 yuan, and some compulsory measures can be added.

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