She confirmed that the pandemic has accelerated the transition to smart patterns.. and supported the launch of additional systems

Companies compete to introduce new innovations for smart cities

Etisalat introduced, during GITEX 2021, a set of innovative solutions.

Emirates today

GITEX Global 2021, which concluded yesterday at the Dubai World Trade Center, witnessed remarkable competitive manifestations between a number of international and local companies in the introduction of new innovations and solutions related to smart cities.

Officials of technology companies explained to "Emirates Today" that the "Corona" pandemic has accelerated the transformation processes into smart services patterns, and supported the launch of additional systems commensurate with the changes imposed by the pandemic.

They added that among the most prominent innovations and solutions that were presented at the exhibition, those related to artificial intelligence systems, data analysis and the Internet of Things, as well as smart applications that enable customers to conduct various services without human intervention.

They pointed out that the periods of remote work during the pandemic, witnessed at the global level, increasing rates of electronic attacks, which supported the role of electronic security solutions in the patterns of smart cities.


In detail, the Vice President for the Gulf and Middle East region at Software AG International for Technology Solutions, Rami Kishli, said that the “GITEX 2021” exhibition witnessed remarkable competitive manifestations among companies, to introduce new solutions and innovations for smart cities.

He explained that this is due to several reasons, most notably the repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic, which had significant effects in accelerating and emphasizing the necessity of shifting to smart city patterns, which increased competition between companies to launch new products related to that purpose.

Kishli added that the pandemic also had effects in changing the patterns of solutions offered for smart cities, as a large part of them focused on services related to maintaining health standards and precautionary safety measures, compared to pre-pandemic solutions, which were mostly concentrated in service sectors.

spacing patterns

Kishli stated that the company reviewed, through its platform at the exhibition, initiatives for projects from university teams, which presented innovative solutions for smart cities, including a solution related to controlling and monitoring patterns of social separation and variable capacity in different buildings through smart sensors, so that the target capacity is set in accordance with the policies followed. Accordingly, the system works on controlling and monitoring, which automatically allows new people to enter the building or not.


And he indicated that the smart solutions initiatives also include an application that allows hotel patrons to conduct all transactions through it, without the need for any human intervention, whether through housing and entering rooms through the application, or performing all services and completing the exit from the hotel without the need to stand and wait on the reception platforms in hotels.

Kishli pointed out that there is also a smart solution related to the management of smart parking through artificial intelligence cameras linked to an application that allows customers, before entering, to know whether there is a vacancy or not, and the possibility of booking and entering its location.

smart printers

For his part, Shehab Ahmed Zubair, regional sales manager for professional solutions at the international technical company Epson, said that the company launched, during GITEX, solutions that suit the patterns of smart cities, including smart printers that work according to technologies that enable users not to change the printer's ink for a period of three years, allowing smart technologies to keep pace with the assumed sustainability standards in smart cities, as these technologies avoid carbon dioxide emissions caused by current traditional printers.

He added that the company also presented a solution that is compatible with smart cities in the education sector, through an interactive board that enables students to study remotely, but in a way that simulates the real presence in school classrooms through cameras and interactive panels that enable students to communicate simultaneously, write and draw on panels connected between the two sides, In a way that simulates school reality.

cyber security

In turn, the General Manager in the UAE of Trend Micro International for Technology Solutions, Majd Sinan, said that the GITEX 2021 session witnessed remarkable competitive manifestations among companies to offer solutions and innovations for smart cities, with support from the effects of the Corona pandemic, which increased competition between Companies to race to come up with new solutions with the speed of moving towards smart city patterns.

He referred to a solution presented by the company for electronic security systems supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis, explaining that the solution would counter any attempts to infiltrate smart city services systems and future predictions based on data analysis, classification and response to attacks.

Sinan added that the pandemic witnessed, during periods of remote work at the global level, increasing rates of electronic attacks, which supported the role of electronic security solutions in the patterns of smart cities.

Artificial intelligence

In the same context, Tahaluf revealed during the exhibition innovative systems for smart cities, some of which include solutions based on Internet of things technologies, and systems with artificial intelligence to analyze the movement of the driver and alert when any wrong behavior, such as using the phone while driving, not fastening seat belts, or sitting Children who are not in the seats assigned to them, as well as not leaving safe distances, or driving recklessly, in addition to recording these practices and notifying the companies responsible for car fleets with them to warn drivers.

In addition, the company launched patterns of smart parking technologies, which monitor the wrong parking processes of cars or cars that are not allowed to be in the place through artificial intelligence systems.

Alliance also presented technologies for smart bags that are programmed, so that they are only allowed to be opened in predetermined places, with bags supported by cameras that monitor who is trying to open them, and the property of tracking the location of the bag with the ability to open only through a smart application.

smart stores

In addition, Etisalat Group, at GITEX 2021, presented innovative solutions for smart cities, most notably models of smart stores that work without employees, and alternative smart screens for dressing rooms for clothes through virtual measurement.

• New solutions based on artificial intelligence, data analysis and the Internet of Things.

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