The Korean launch vehicle 'Nuri' successfully completed all flight procedures (sequences) such as first stage, fairing, second stage separation, and satellite mimetic separation after takeoff at 5 pm today (21st).

The final judgment on whether the launch was successful or not is made after data analysis, but the information so far shows that the sequence has proceeded normally, raising expectations for success.

The Nuriho finished filling the fuel tank at 3:35 pm today and the oxidant tank charging at 4:05 pm.

At 4:24 pm, withdrawal of the projectile standing device was completed, and the automatic launch operation (PLO) was operated for 10 minutes from 4:50 pm and then took off.

The first stage of the Nuri was separated at an altitude of 59 km around 5:02 pm, 127 seconds after launch.

At 5:04 pm, the fairing, a cover that protects the satellite model (dummy satellite) mounted on the Nuri, was removed.

At the same time, the 2nd stage engine stopped and the 3rd stage engine ignition was also confirmed.

At 5:06 pm, the Nuri passed the 500km flight altitude, and at 5:08pm, it broke the 600km flight altitude.

At 5:12 pm, it was confirmed that the third stage engine of the Nuri was stopped, and at 15 minutes, it was confirmed that the dummy satellite was normally separated.   

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