Unilever has privatized its tea division, with well-known brands such as Lipton and Pukka.

These brands, together with a number of lesser-known names here, have been incorporated into the new company ekaterra.

The Anglo-Dutch group announced in mid-2020 that it would say goodbye to the hot tea.

The iced tea, of which Lipton is also a well-known brand name, will remain part of Unilever.

At the beginning of 2020, Unilever first hinted that it wanted to say goodbye to the tea business.

This was prompted by the fact that Unilever is particularly strong in black tea and people are increasingly drinking green, fruit and herbal teas.

Unilever was the world market leader with the Lipton and Pukka brands.

Unilever has owned Lipton since 1972.

Pukka was added to the portfolio in 2017.

It is now the intention that ekaterra, the new tea company, will be sold, listed on the stock exchange or, for example, continued as a joint venture with another company.

Unilever announced on Thursday in its third quarter results that the spin-off of the tea division will be completed on October 1.

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