• US Donald Trump returns to the ring, while the prosecution finalizes the imputation of all its companies

  • RRSS Donald Trump demands that Twitter recover its account in this social network

Former US President

Donald Trump

announced on Wednesday the launch of his own media company, with plans for the moment to open

a social network and a subscription video service.

The company will be called

Trump Media Technology Group (TMTG)

and according to a statement from the former


its mission is to "create a rival to the progressive media consortium and fight the 'Big Tech' companies of Silicon Valley."

Trump accuses these companies of "having used their power unilaterally to silence opposition voices in the United States."

The first product of Trump's new company to see the light will be

his social network, called "TRUTH Social"

("social TRUTH").

The application is

already listed in the Apple App Store,

although according to indicates it will not be available until February 2022.

In his statement, however, Trump assured that the application will start working in a test version from November.

In addition to the social network, the former president, who continues to control the Republican Party and who flirts with the idea of ​​running again in the presidential elections in 2024, announced the future launch of a

subscription video platform.

This platform will be called TMTG + and will include "entertainment programming, news, podcast and more."

Since he had to leave power last January, the idea of ​​creating his own media company has flown over the environment closest to Trump with the aim of

communicating directly with his followers,

especially after the large social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube suspended their accounts after the assault on the Capitol.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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