Orange, the French telecoms leader, has set up an automatic operation to increase the price of one of its telephone packages.

Affected customers have been notified by e-mail.

This is the Open Up 70 GB offer, which went from 70 GB to 120 GB on October 7, reports



If this increase in data was free at that time, Orange decided to increase the monthly price of the package by two euros, from 71.99 to 73.99 euros.

“Mobile Internet uses are growing and constantly evolving,” explains Orange in his e-mail.

“To anticipate the services of tomorrow, we are developing your offer, without re-engagement and without any action on your part.


Unhappy customers

Orange thus seeks to make its customers understand that they are saving time and avoiding red tape.

The operator also specifies that any person can refuse this price increase and return to the previous formula by a simple online process. 


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