China News Service, Changsha, October 21 (Fu Jingyi) The 15th Hunan-Taiwan Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Conference and the first Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Yuelu Mountain Forum opened on the 21st in Changsha, Hunan, attracting political circles, business circles, and science and technology on both sides of the strait More than 200 guests from the world and other fields attended.

After preliminary negotiations and consultations, Hunan and Taiwan signed 35 achievement projects with a total investment of 9.15 billion yuan; the "Industrial Cooperation Across the Taiwan Straits Yuelu Mountain Forum Proposal" was released on the spot.

  As a large-scale event for economic, trade and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Hunan Province and Taiwan, the Hunan-Taiwan Conference has been held for 14 consecutive sessions since 2005.

With the theme of “deepening cooperation and integrated development”, this year’s online plus offline model was adopted to innovatively hold the first Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Yuelu Mountain Forum, inviting experts, scholars, and Taiwanese business representatives from both sides of the strait to focus on “the new development pattern of cross-strait industries”. Cooperation" to start exchanges.

  "Taiwanese investment is the second largest source of foreign investment in Hunan." Mao Weiming, governor of the Hunan Provincial People's Government, said in his speech that the exchanges, exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between Hunan and Taiwan have a long history.

As of August 2021, Hunan has nearly 600 Taiwan-funded enterprises and a total of 2925 Taiwan-funded projects have been approved, with contracted Taiwanese capital of US$13.552 billion and actual Taiwanese capital of US$11.144 billion.

  Hunan has actively promoted the entry of Taiwanese enterprises into Hunan. In recent years, a number of major Taiwanese business projects have been newly built and introduced, which has become a new growth point for local economic development.

In May of this year, Hunan was approved to establish a cross-strait industrial cooperation zone, becoming the fifth province after Guangxi, Hubei, Sichuan, and Jiangxi to be approved to establish such an industrial cooperation zone. This will further promote the integration and development of Hunan and Taiwan and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

  "Deepening cross-strait integrated development and advancing cross-strait industrial cooperation is in the interests of compatriots on both sides of the strait." Zheng Jianbang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and executive vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Chinese Revolution Care and support, the action has never stopped, and the intensity has never weakened.

It is hoped that in the process of national rejuvenation, the cooperation of people from all walks of life on both sides of the strait will bear more fruit.

  "This year is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is a rare historical opportunity for Taiwan-funded enterprises to integrate into the mainland for development." Yu Muming, former chairman of the Taiwan New Party, said that in addition to economic integration, Taiwanese businessmen also need to enable more young people to understand the truth. On the mainland, compatriots on both sides of the strait continue to work together and work together to welcome the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Hong Xiuzhu, the former chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang, and Chen Zhenxiang, the former vice chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang, delivered speeches by video.

They said that the governments at all levels in Hunan earnestly implemented various policies and measures to benefit Taiwan and the people. The economic development of Taiwanese businessmen and Hunan has formed a community of destiny. A beautiful situation of mutual benefit and win-win.

  At the Yuelu Mountain Forum on Industrial Cooperation on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait, Yang Weiguo, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, also made an overall plan for one district and three parks in accordance with the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government on Accelerating the Construction of Industrial Cooperation Zones (Hunan) on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait." Introduction and recommendation.

The sponsors of 40 influential industry associations and Taiwan Business Associations across the Taiwan Strait have launched an initiative to call on entrepreneurs on both sides of the strait to be the first and use the world to promote the integrated development of the two sides through industrial cooperation and the prosperity of the Chinese industry. Development promotes the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  It is reported that this event is co-sponsored by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the People's Government of Hunan Province. There will also be special events such as industrial cooperation zone symposium, Taiwan young entrepreneurs checking in Changsha, Taiwan youth culture and technology trip to Hunan, investment inspection and other special events.


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