A new system has been developed that allows you to check the vaccination record of the new coronavirus by simply holding your finger over it, and the group that has developed it aims to put it to practical use at event venues.

This system was developed by a group made by Hitachi, Kajima, and Kyushu University.

In the system, first, the "certificate of inoculation" of the vaccine taken with the smartphone is registered using the smartphone's dedicated application, and then the finger vein information is read and registered with the dedicated machine.

The two registered information are linked and encrypted before being stored on the server, and after that, you can easily confirm that you have been vaccinated by simply holding your finger over the dedicated terminal equipped with the sensor.

This system can also be used to prove negative tests.

Since vaccination can be proved without having to carry a paper certificate, the group that developed it says that it can reduce the time and effort required to check vaccination records in places where a large number of people gather.

In the future, we will proceed with demonstration experiments at offices and construction sites, and in the future, we aim to put it into practical use for use in large-scale event venues and hotels.

Hidekuni Mashita, director of the Kajima Digital Promotion Office, said, "Like a paper certificate, you don't have to worry about forgery or forgetting to carry it, and you can check it empty-handed. It can be applied to various cases such as Go To travel business." ..

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