Dolphin Park Dolfinarium should adapt its advertising slogan "Discover, Experience and Protect".

The Advertising Code Committee (RCC) has determined this after a complaint from animal welfare organization House of Animals.

According to the committee, the word protect in the slogan is misleading.

The RCC believes that the park gives the impression that visitors are protecting animals by buying a ticket, when there is no evidence for this.

Karen Soeters of House of Animals says he is satisfied with the ruling.

According to her, the animal park can never meet the natural needs of dolphins, because the mammals in the wild travel great distances.

There is also no question of protection.

The Dolfinarium informs the


that it will appeal.

According to the park, the word protect does not refer to literally protecting dolphins, but to the fact that people in the park are encouraged to preserve nature.

As a result, visitors would feel the need to protect them.