[Explanation] Self-driving cars that are as open as a living room, dual-rotor drones that break the monopoly of foreign technology, VR + global tourism + new urbanization + new consumption, amazing artificial "diamonds"... For the past few days, the reporter has been facing 2021 Visited the main venue in Zhengzhou during the National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week (hereinafter referred to as "Double Entrepreneurship Week"), and learned that many "black technology" products have been applied in many fields.

  [Explanation] At the theme exhibition at the main venue of Zhengzhou, 144 entrepreneurial innovation projects selected from the best selection across the country will focus on displaying digital economy, sharing economy, platform economy and other new formats, new models and new achievements, covering cultural tourism, agriculture, medical care, and fire protection And other fields show the "acceleration" of China's innovation.

  [Explanation] At the venue, from time to time, participants took a self-driving car called "Xiaoyu" to the exhibition halls to experience the convenience brought by technology.

  [Concurrent] Zhu Guanghai, the relevant person in charge of Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.

  It is the industry's first self-driving product that is being developed and mass-produced, and it can already meet the needs of open roads.

It is no longer a traditional car. We put the living room and floor-to-ceiling windows on the car.

Some people even say that we can eat hot pot and sing songs in the car.

Through the small program we developed, you can book a car and provide you with services 24 hours a day.

  [Explanation] Coming to the main exhibition hall, a high-profile unmanned helicopter attracted many visitors.

Gao Zeng, the company's deputy general manager, introduced that this crossed twin-rotor composite thrust tail rotor unmanned helicopter has broken the monopoly of foreign technology.

The model has a load ratio of 1:1, and can complete take-off and landing flight under 8 gusts. It can fly for 2.5 hours to 3 hours with one refueling, and the ceiling is 5.5 kilometers.

  [Concurrent] Gao Zeng, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Qinghang Bauhinia Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

  Our (crossed dual-rotor combined thrust tail rotor UAV) is a technology that breaks the foreign monopoly, and it fills a gap in China that has not developed such a model in China.

Its biggest advantage is that the load is relatively large, the flight is relatively stable, the battery life is relatively long, and it has more application scenarios.

The industries we currently use include firefighting and public security investigations. There are already actual cases.

  [Explanation] At the VR panoramic business one-stop solution booth, visitors can not only play a virtual game in the real scene, but also travel to the ancient town of Anren thousands of miles away to stroll and buy.

  [Simultaneous on-site] Experiencer Mr. Gao

  It's a bit like a level-breaking game. It feels a bit different from VR. It's equivalent to putting virtual things in the real scene, and the experience is okay.

  [Concurrent] Deng Jialu, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Culture Department of Konka Star of Overseas Chinese Town Group

  Although you are in Zhengzhou, you can travel to our Anren Ancient Town in real time, so in addition to shopping there, you can also buy and buy.

We can enter, for example, this chili shop. In addition to looking at every local specialty inside, we can also place orders directly through e-commerce.

In addition to applications in cultural tourism and new towns, our project can also be used in smart agriculture, smart inspections, smart projects, 360-degree exhibitions, and so on.

  [Explanation] Throughout this year's National Double Entrepreneurship Week, a large number of outstanding technological innovation and entrepreneurial achievements have been transformed.

  [Explanation] At the "Black Technology" booth, two high-end cutting-edge technology products are released every day, focusing on new products in the fields of artificial intelligence, aerospace, biological genes, virtual reality, and screening innovative, cutting-edge, cutting-edge, and disruptive projects for concentrated display , Let the public feel the new changes brought about by the latest scientific and technological achievements up close.

  Reporter Li Chaoqing reports from Zhengzhou, Henan

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]

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