During the year 2022, a wind turbine 280 meters high will be inaugurated in Denmark, reports CBNC on Monday.

This installation built by the Vestas company will be almost as large as the Eiffel Tower, which has a ceiling of 324 meters in height.

With this wind turbine with blades long 115 meters, 80 gigawatts can be produced per year, the equivalent of the consumption of 20,000 households.

Such a construction would therefore prevent the release of 38,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

It is currently “the biggest and most powerful” wind turbine being installed, according to Vestas.

Other companies are nevertheless competing for this title, such as the Chinese from MingYang Smart Energy and their 264-meter high wind turbine, scheduled for 2023. For their part, the Americans from General Electrics have announced the arrival of their prototype " Haliade-X ”which would be capable of producing 14 megawatts per hour.

6.5 billion euros in investments

Beyond the figures, several other important issues are linked to the development of these large wind turbines. “The ability to produce more energy from a single turbine means that you can install fewer turbines in each wind farm,” General Electrics said. They also explained that building larger wind turbines could reduce maintenance costs.

It remains to be seen whether the necessary investments will be found.

For WindEurope, the former European Wind Energy Association, 6.5 billion euros will thus be required between now and 2030 to allow the various European ports to grow in the face of a demand for offshore wind power which is growing. larger ad.

Certain funding avenues could in particular be discussed at the COP26 which will start on October 31 in Glasgow (Scotland).


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