China News Service, Hangzhou, October 19 (Liang Mu) On October 19, Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, reiterated at the 2021 Yunqi Conference that protecting customer data security is the first principle of Alibaba Cloud.

"We absolutely respect users' data ownership and control rights, and strictly protect users' privacy and security. This is the most important cornerstone of Alibaba Cloud."

  In 2015, Alibaba Cloud took the lead in the industry to release the "Data Protection Proposal", which clearly stated that it will never touch user data.

As the first company to make positive commitments among global cloud computing vendors, Alibaba Cloud's data security measures have been widely recognized by global institutions.

At present, it has become the most complete cloud computing platform for compliance and certification in the Asia-Pacific region.

  The "Data Security Law" was formally implemented on September 1 this year.

Zhang Jianfeng said at the meeting: "The "Data Security Law" is conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of cloud computing and promotes society’s trust in the cloud industry. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will continue to increase security investment and continue to practice the protection of customer data security. One principle."

  From the first day of its establishment, Alibaba Cloud has regarded security as its top priority.

Over the years, it has continuously strengthened its data security capabilities. Based on the Shenlong security chip under the Shenlong 4.0 architecture, it provides a root of trust and data encryption capabilities at the hardware level, and builds CPU, Hypervisor, OS, VM, container, and container from the hardware level. The layer-by-layer chip-level security encryption and trusted cloud environment of the application provides the default high-security cloud infrastructure for customers' applications and data, and assumes the data protection responsibilities and obligations of the cloud platform.

  At present, more than 40 Alibaba Cloud products support full-link encryption, and all applicable products support optional keys. It is the cloud service provider that implements the most functions in China, and is also the first domestic cloud service provider to pass the security evaluation of the proprietary cloud commercial cryptographic application. The cloud vendors of Yunguo Secret Proficiency Verification truly realize that only users can see and use their own data, and at the same time give users the key control of the encryption algorithm, so that users have complete control over the calling and reading of data.

  "Cloud computing services carry the trust of customers. If customers can transparently see the complete operation records on the cloud, they will trust cloud vendors more." Zhang Jianfeng introduced, referring to the concept of "transparent kitchen", Alibaba Cloud took the lead in launching platform operation audits Function.

After the customer is opened, it can monitor and audit the internal operation logs related to the cloud platform side, completely bid farewell to the "black box" era, and make data operations on the cloud clearly visible.

It is understood that this capability is currently only available in Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud in the world.


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