On October 15, the 6th China Special Food Conference was held in Wuxi.

Personalized nutrition has become a high-frequency hot word.

In the Personalized Nutrition Industry Development Forum, Bian Zhenjia, president of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association, said that the basic scientific research and industrial development of personalized nutrition reflects the transition from "disease treatment" to "disease prevention" advocated by "Healthy China". The development concept of "traditional nutrition" shifting to "precise nutrition" will promote and improve the national precision nutrition and health level, and drive the development of China's nutrition and health food industry and the general health industry.

  Yu Fang, President of Amway (China), said that the general health and personalized nutrition industry is an emerging industry in China and the world, and its development prospects are broad.

As a leading company in the nutrition and health food industry, Amway will firmly seize the strategic opportunity of building a healthy China, give full play to the advantages of Amway's global R&D, products, and brand services to provide consumers with personalized, one-stop healthy lifestyle solutions.

Yu Fang, President of Amway (China), accepted an interview (Photo courtesy of Amway)

Amway deeply plows the big health track

  Facing the golden opportunity of the industry, Yu Fang introduced that Amway combined the "Healthy China" strategy and 87 years of experience in the field of global nutrition and health food, and deployed a comprehensive health track.

Amway’s vision is to become a leader in the general health industry led by entrepreneurs and provide consumers with overall health solutions; based on genomics, big data and artificial intelligence algorithms, to promote the entire line of products to be personalized, intelligent, and life-saving. Fully upgraded.

  Over the past 87 years, from research and development to production, Amway has built a complete industrial chain of “from seeds to finished products” around the big health industry. From seed selection, farm selection, harvesting, extraction, production, and packaging, every link has been achieved. Traceability to provide consumers with safe and effective products.

Amway has certified organic farms in 27 countries around the world and is sold in more than 100 countries, and is deeply trusted and loved by consumers.

Panorama of Amway China Plant R&D Center (Photo courtesy of Amway)

  The core advantage of Amway is not only to provide consumers with high-quality products. Over the years, Amway has provided product and service skills training for the majority of marketers, and cultivated a large number of professionals in nutrition and health.

This year, Amway has teamed up with the Chinese Nutrition Society and has trained tens of thousands of "Nutrition Health Consultants" certified by the Nutrition Society.

The online and offline integrated healthy life community they built, shared personal interests, showed off a healthy life through social media, and used a companion method to learn with consumers, supervise each other, and encourage each other to help them master scientific nutrition and health. Knowledge, turn knowledge into action, form action into habit, and establish a healthy lifestyle.

  At the same time, Amway has cooperated with authoritative organizations such as the China Health Education Center for ten consecutive years to organize "Nutrition China Tour" activities to promote nutrition science and promote health awareness, covering more than 100 million people; this year, physical experience stores across the country will be listed as The "Health Promotion Science Base" provides the public with a venue for public health dissemination activities.

Personalized nutrition industry becomes a new outlet in the health industry

  Personalized nutrition refers to providing an optimized nutritional combination based on different characteristics of the population (gender, age, ethnicity, etc.), genetic genes, metabolic phenotypes and dietary habits of special populations (pregnant women, children, and the elderly, etc.) to achieve The role of prevention and control of chronic diseases.

  With the wide application of scientific methods such as genetics, big data technology, and multi-omics, analyze the physiological basis related to nutritional metabolism diversity and disease susceptibility between groups and individuals, so as to realize personalized nutrition and customized precise nutrition intervention The plan and evidence-based scientific basis have been initially available.

  In this context, personalized nutrition is listed as the frontier of international nutrition science development by "Nature" magazine. The market predicts that the global scale of this industry is expected to grow from USD 8.2 billion in 2020 to USD 16.4 billion in 2025, a compound annual forecast during the forecast period. With a growth rate of 15%, China’s compound annual growth rate will reach 17.8%.

  Chen Jia, vice president of Amway Asia Technology Innovation Center, introduced that in 2017, Amway launched basic research on personalized nutrition in China and carried out randomized controlled clinical trials of personalized nutrition. Marker information, genotype information, gut microbial information, customized nutrition solutions for each subject, and nutritional intervention.

The test results have laid a solid theoretical foundation for personalized nutrition research.

Chen Jia, vice president of Amway Asia Technology Innovation Center, is interviewed (Photo courtesy of Amway)

  Based on this, Amway quickly achieved technological transformation. Last year, it established an Asian health food research and development center in China, and launched more products that meet Chinese and Asian consumers. Starting with a nutrition program, it is for adolescents, pregnant women, office workers, middle-aged and elderly people, chronic diseases and other sub-populations, focusing on the core health issues that the public attaches most importance to, such as immunity, intestines, bones, anti-aging, weight loss and shaping, etc., for customers Customized health plans, including personalized product recommendations, corresponding exercise plans, lifestyle suggestions, and recommended community activities, provide a full range of services for consumers in all aspects of healthy life.

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