He said that the government is considering lowering the fuel tax while oil prices are soaring and that it will announce specific details around next week.

It is like taking out the final card for oil price stabilization, and reporter Jang Hoon-kyung covered it.

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average gasoline price in Seoul exceeds 1,800 won per liter, a queue of cars continues to even cheaper gas stations.

Truck drivers who use a lot of oil for oil prices that have risen more than 30% in one year are very upset.

[Kim Chul-ho / Freight car sales: I can't help but feel burdened, I can't run long distances. (Daily) earning 150,000 won is earning 120,000 won and 130,000 won.] With the

rise in international oil prices, there were concerns that the domestic gasoline price would soon exceed 2,000 won per liter, so the government finally pulled out a fuel tax cut card. .

[Hong Nam-ki / Deputy Prime Minister of Economy: I would like to inform you that we are looking at lowering the fuel tax. Within I ten days because the situation Oil has already exceeded $ 80 (to be announced). The following measures are the states about]

the current gasoline yen per liter, 746 won, diesel has butneunde a liter 529 won extent fuel taxes, the If the enforcement ordinance is amended, the tax rate can be adjusted within 30%.

Earlier, from November 2018 to early May of the following year, the fuel tax was lowered by 15%, reducing gasoline by 123 won per liter and diesel by 87 won per liter.

It is said that the same method is applied this time, but the reduction rate is concerned.

In 2018, we had to endure a reduction in tax revenue of more than 1 trillion won due to the fuel tax cut.

It is also worrying that the government's carbon-neutral policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels goes against the government's carbon-neutral policy.

Since consumer prices have risen more than 2% for half a year and the rate of increase in October can exceed 3%, the government is also considering lowering the tariff quota applied to imported liquefied natural gas and LNG to catch gas prices that have risen sharply.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, video editing: Jung Yong-hwa) 

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