As the labor shortage becomes serious in the United States, announced that it will hire 150,000 new temporary workers at domestic distribution bases, paying up to about 340,000 yen at the time of hiring, Christmas The competition for human resources is intensifying ahead of the year-end sales season.

In the United States, with the spread of the new coronavirus vaccine, economic activities have resumed completely, and labor shortages are becoming more serious.

Labor shortages continue at distribution bases that pack and ship products, and there is growing concern that products will not be delivered on time during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when demand for online shopping is increasing. I am.

Under these circumstances, announced on the 18th that it will temporarily hire 150,000 new people in order to secure human resources to work at distribution bases etc. for the year-end sales season.

At the time of hiring, we pay a maximum of 3,000 dollars and about 340,000 yen in Japanese yen, and we are enhancing the treatment such as raising the hourly wage according to the working hours.

They also say that they may be hired full-time after the temporary employment period is over.

In the United States, a major discount target also announced last month that it would hire 100,000 temporary staff to handle product packaging, and competition for human resources is intensifying ahead of the biggest scraping time in a year. ..

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