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today (19th), real estate brokerage fees will be reduced from before. For example, when buying and selling an apartment worth 1 billion won, if the new standard is applied, the upper limit of the commission will be cut by almost half from 9 million won to 5 million won. People who have relieved their worries about fees like it, but the backlash from real estate agents is not formidable.

By Kim Jung-woo, staff reporter.

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brokerage commission system, which has been changed for the first time in 7 years, is designed to realize the maximum 'half price compounding fee' by adjusting the upper limit rate based on 600 million won for sales and 300 million won for rentals.

The average sale price of an apartment in Seoul has risen sharply to close to 1.2 billion won, so brokerage fees have also increased.

[Lee Jae-wan / Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do: It would be welcome to see that the cost of living has been lowered. The common people are actually burdened, a little. Considering the common people, it would be better to lower the rate even more than now.] The

authority to adjust the commission rate by 0.1 percentage point for local governments has also been excluded due to concerns about the possibility of higher commission rates in some areas.

However, the Association of Certified Real Estate Brokers decided to file a constitutional complaint along with an application for an injunction to prohibit execution, saying that the number of contracts was greatly reduced due to a trade cliff.

Front-line brokers questioned the effectiveness of the new commission system, stating that it was rare in the past to fully meet the fee cap.

[Shin Hee-sook / Realtor: No one gives you up to the maximum rate of 0.9, 0.8%.

Almost everything is tuned below the upper limit.

How many people do it until the end?]

After the reorganization, there is also concern that the actual reduction level may be minimal or may increase further if the real estate agents demand the maximum rate as much as possible.

Conflicts and confusion over commission rates between the contracting parties and brokers in the early stages of implementation are inevitable, and there will be no factors that will reverse the stagnation in real estate transactions for the time being.

(Video coverage: Park Dae-young, Oh Young-chun, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)

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