Chinanews, October 19, according to the WeChat official account of the National Development and Reform Commission, on October 19, the responsible comrades of the National Development and Reform Commission hosted a symposium on ensuring supply and price stabilization for key enterprises in coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation to study and arrange the people to warm up the winter. Key work.

The meeting called for guiding coal prices to return to a reasonable level.

Central enterprises should play a leading role in ensuring supply and price stability, focusing on ensuring the people's warm coal needs for the winter, sign more medium and long-term contracts, strictly implement medium and long-term contract coal prices, and take the lead in reducing market transaction coal prices.

  The meeting pointed out that in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, all relevant parties have vigorously and orderly promoted the implementation of energy supply and price stabilization work, which has achieved initial results.

Since the end of September, a batch of production coal mines have been approved, and the average daily output has increased by more than 1.2 million tons compared with September. The daily output on October 18 has exceeded 11.6 million tons, a new high this year.

At present, coal storage in power plants nationwide is nearly 88 million tons, which can be used for 16 days, an increase of more than 9 million tons from the beginning of the month; among them, the power plants in the three northeastern provinces can store coal for 24 days, an increase of 11 days from the beginning of the month.

On the basis of the annual medium and long-term contracts that have been signed, power generation and heating companies and coal companies have signed medium and long-term contracts of 150 million tons. The contract signing rate of most provinces has reached or close to 100%, and the coal gap of medium and long-term contracts in some provinces has been fulfilled. Coal source is stepping up to sign the contract.

At the same time, the market-oriented reform of coal-fired power generation on-grid electricity prices has been further deepened. Recently, new market transaction prices in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hubei, Shanxi and other places have increased by nearly 20% in accordance with the price policy.

  The meeting put forward clear requirements for the next step of ensuring supply and price stabilization:

  One is to further release coal production capacity.

On the basis of the nuclear increase in production capacity, by tapping the potential of nuclear increase in production coal production capacity, basically building coal mines to speed up the joint trial operation, shutting down coal mines, resuming production, and allowing coal mines to release emergency reserve capacity, and other ways to release another batch Coal production capacity.

  The second is to steadily increase coal production.

In the fourth quarter, all coal mines should organize production in a safe and reasonable manner under the premise of ensuring safety.

All localities must maintain normal production of coal mines during holidays and major events. It is strictly forbidden to shut down coal mines at will, and it is strictly forbidden to stop coal mines in a “one size fits all” area due to accidents in individual coal mines, to ensure that coal mines can produce full production under safe conditions, and strive to achieve a daily coal output of 1,200 More than 10,000 tons.

  The third is to guide coal prices back to a reasonable level.

Central enterprises should play a leading role in ensuring supply and price stability, focusing on ensuring the people's warm coal needs for the winter, sign more medium and long-term contracts, strictly implement medium and long-term contract coal prices, and take the lead in reducing market transaction coal prices.

  The fourth is to further implement the full coverage of medium and long-term coal contracts for power and heat supply enterprises.

Contracts that have been connected but not yet finally signed must be signed as soon as possible, and the prices must be strictly implemented in accordance with the published price policy.

All contracts must be included in the scope of credit supervision, and companies that fail to perform without reason will be notified or publicized on a regular basis and included in credit records.

  The fifth is to promote the exhaustion of coal-fired power generation units.

Consolidate territorial responsibilities and the main responsibility of power companies to ensure supply, strengthen resource coordination and dispatch, make every effort to ensure a high percentage of start-ups and high-load output of thermal power units, and promote hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic and other clean energy generation.

Scientifically organize and implement the orderly use of electricity. First, limit the use of electricity for "two highs" projects, especially for high-energy-consuming projects with backward production capacity.

  Sixth, the gas supply and use are guaranteed in strict accordance with the contract.

All relevant enterprises must strictly fulfill the signed contracts for the purchase and sale of natural gas and the use of receiving stations to ensure the safe and stable supply of natural gas.

All localities must earnestly fulfill their main responsibilities to protect the people's livelihood gas, ensure that the contracts are fully covered by the people's livelihood gas use, do a solid job of "suppressing the non-protection of the people" plan and carry out actual combat exercises to ensure the people's livelihood gas needs.

  Seven is to strengthen energy transportation security.

Railway, port and shipping enterprises should strengthen the coal transportation organization in key areas and key routes, tap the potential to increase coal transportation, give priority to ensuring coal transportation demand for power generation and heating, and increase the strength of low-stock power plants and long-term contracts to ensure the supply of coal. The coal produced is transported to the place where it is needed in time.

  The eighth is to strengthen the supervision of the futures spot market linkage.

Focusing on investigating abnormal transactions and malicious speculation, all key coal ports should actively provide regulatory authorities with illegal clues such as malicious hoarding and price hikes, and restrict the transportation, loading and unloading of transactions that clearly exceed a reasonable level, and do their best to maintain the order of the coal market.

Efforts will be made to strengthen the penetrating supervision of the futures market, sort out abnormal transactions, strictly investigate and punish malicious capital speculation in accordance with the law and publicly expose it, effectively maintain market order, and create a good capital market environment.

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