China News Service on October 19th, Luo Junjie, spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau, said on the 19th that the number of 5G base stations in China currently reaches 1.159 million, and the number of 5G terminal connections reaches 450 million. The network has the ability to cover more than 200 million households.

  On the 19th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on the development of industry and informatization in the first three quarters of 2021.

Luo Junjie introduced the development of industry and informatization in the first three quarters of this year.

  Luo Junjie said that since the beginning of this year, in the face of the unfavorable effects of the epidemic and flood conditions and the complex and changeable domestic and foreign situation, the national industrial and information system has done a solid job of "six stability" and "six guarantees", and has implemented the strategy of making a strong country and a strong network. , The development of industry and informatization is generally stable, the supply chain guarantee capacity of the industrial chain has been continuously enhanced, the transformation and upgrading have been deepened, and the innovation vitality has been continuously released, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the annual goals and tasks.

  First, the industrial economy has recovered steadily, and the main indicators are in a reasonable range.

Various macro policies have been implemented with precision, and the main economic indicators have generally remained stable.

In the first three quarters, the value-added of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 11.8% year-on-year; 39 of the 41 major industrial sectors maintained growth, and 21 grew at a rate of more than double digits.

Among them, the added value of the equipment manufacturing industry increased by 16.2%, contributing more than 40% to the overall industrial growth; the added value of the raw material manufacturing industry increased by 8.2%, and the output of crude steel and cement decreased in the third quarter; the added value of the consumer goods manufacturing industry increased by 11.4% , Since April, the overall growth rate has maintained an upward trend.

Business conditions have improved. In the first eight months, industrial enterprises above designated size achieved an average increase in profits of 19.5% in two years, and the profit margin of operating income reached 7.01%, a relatively high level in recent years.

  Second, the industrial transformation is gradually accelerating, and the new momentum continues to grow.

The digitalization level of the manufacturing industry has continued to improve. As of the end of August, the penetration rate of enterprise digital R&D design tools and the numerical control rate of key processes reached 74.7% and 54.2%, respectively. More than 100 industrial Internet platforms with certain industry and regional influence are connected to industrial equipment. The total number reached 76 million units (sets).

The transformation and upgrading of energy-saving technologies was accelerated, and the industrial green and low-carbon transformation was intensified. In the first eight months, the energy consumption per unit value added of the industrial enterprises above designated size decreased by 4.9% year-on-year.

New industries and new products have developed rapidly. In the first three quarters, the added value of high-tech manufacturing increased by 20.1% year-on-year, and the output of industrial robots and integrated circuits increased by 57.8% and 43.1% respectively. In particular, the development of new energy vehicles was accelerating. As of the end of September Both the production and sales volume exceeded 2.1 million vehicles, further consolidating the global leading position.

  The third is the steady implementation of technological research, and the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain has been further strengthened.

Focusing on key industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has coordinated to promote solid foundations, advance advantages, make up for shortcomings, and forge longboards, and strive to ensure the stability and development of the industrial supply chain.

In-depth development of the manufacturing chain to replenish the chain, using methods such as "revealing the list and taking command" to speed up the research on key core technologies.

Establish an automotive semiconductor application promotion working group, organize the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to establish a collaborative research mechanism for automotive chips, and promote the improvement of automotive chip supply capabilities.

Major innovations continue to emerge. Million-kilowatt hydroelectric generating units are connected to the grid for power generation. The 600km/h high-speed maglev transportation system has been successfully rolled off the line. The development of the first phase prototype and key components of the Extracorporeal Lung Membrane Oxygenation Machine (ECMO) has been completed ahead of schedule.

  Fourth, the development environment has been continuously optimized, and the innovative vitality of SMEs has been released.

Policies and service supply have been further strengthened. Guiding opinions on accelerating the cultivation and development of high-quality manufacturing enterprises have been issued. The standards and regulations for SMEs are being revised quickly, and the third-party assessment of the development environment of SMEs has been strengthened. The Seventh China International Small and Medium Enterprises Expo organized large enterprises and multinational procurement platforms to release a list of 826.3 billion yuan of procurement requirements to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The effects of financing support policies continue to show, promote the implementation of deferred debt repayment and other favorable policies for enterprises, continue to implement the small and micro enterprise financing guarantee fee reduction and reward policy, and improve the long-term mechanism to prevent and resolve arrears to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Vigorously support the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the scale of "specialized, special and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises has continued to grow, and the efficiency of production and operation has been steadily restored.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of 1,140 specialized and new "little giant" enterprises, the profit margin of operating income reached 13.2% in the first eight months, which was 6.2 percentage points higher than that of industrial enterprises above designated size.

  Fifth, the development of security is promoted as a whole, and the basic guiding role of the information and communication industry has become more prominent.

The total telecommunications business volume in the first three quarters increased by 28% year-on-year; revenue from telecommunications business increased by 8.4% year-on-year, and the growth rate increased by 5.2 percentage points year-on-year.

Organize and implement the “Dual Gigabit” network coordinated development action and the 5G application “Sailing” action to promote the coordinated development of 5G and Gigabit optical networks.

At present, the number of 5G base stations is 1.159 million, the number of 5G terminal connections reaches 450 million, and the gigabit optical network has the ability to cover more than 200 million households.

Accelerate the expansion of industrial Internet and 5G integration and innovative applications in key industries of the national economy, select industrial Internet industry demonstration bases, and publish reference guides for the integration of industrial Internet and steel industry. More than 1,800 "5G + Industrial Internet" projects are under construction across the country, the fourth The "Blooming Cup" contest has more than 12,000 application cases.

Strengthen the supervision of large-scale platform enterprises, organize and carry out special rectification actions in the Internet industry, we carry out APP special rectification, in-depth prevention and treatment of telecom network fraud, accelerate the promotion of aging and barrier-free transformation of Internet applications, and strive to build a good environment for the digital society.

  At the same time, Luo Junjie said that the current external environment is still complex and changeable, and there are still many unstable and uncertain factors facing the development of industry and informatization, especially due to the recent epidemic flood, rising raw material prices, tight energy supply, shortage of chips, etc. As a result, the industrial growth rate slowed down steadily in the third quarter, and the downward pressure on the economy increased.

We will effectively integrate our thoughts and actions into the Party Central Committee’s judgment and deployment of the current economic situation, adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, strengthen bottom-line thinking, do a good job in cross-cycle adjustments, and keep the industrial and information-based economy operating within a reasonable range , To ensure the completion of the goals and tasks for the whole year, and lay a solid foundation for development in the first quarter of next year and even the whole year.

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