On October 19th, China News Service Ministry of Electric Industry and Information Technology spokesperson Zhao Zhiguo, director of the Information and Communication Administration Bureau, revealed on the 19th that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has stepped up efforts to address the issues that the society has strongly reflected on telecommunications network fraud, infringement of users’ privacy, and spam nuisance to the people’s rights and interests. Prevent and crack down.

Since the beginning of this year, a total of more than 1 billion fraudulent calls and text messages have been intercepted.

Cooperated with the public security department to investigate and deal with more than 16,000 illegal and criminal cases of "black broadcasting", and more than 6,000 illegal and criminal cases of "pseudo base station".

  On the 19th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on the development of industry and informatization in the first three quarters of 2021.

A reporter asked a question. In recent years, various new applications of information and communication technologies have brought a lot of convenience to the people, but at the same time some new illegal acts have appeared, which infringes on the rights and interests of users.

What work does the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology focus on in preventing and cracking down on illegal activities on the Internet and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of users?

What are the next considerations?

  In this regard, Zhao Zhiguo said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attaches great importance to the protection of users’ legitimate rights and interests. In response to the strong social response to telecommunication network fraud, infringement of users’ personal privacy, and spammy information nuisance to the people’s rights and interests, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has stepped up its prevention and crackdown efforts and focused on Work in the following three areas:

  The first is to strengthen industry management and build a solid foundation for safety.

Give prominence to administration according to law.

The system has been continuously improved, and the "Internet Site Management and Coordination Work Plan" has recently been issued. It is currently seeking public opinions on regulations and systems such as the management regulations for communication short messages and voice call services, and the data security management measures in the industrial and information fields.

Consolidate basic management.

Electronic chemical verification of relevant filing information has been carried out, and the website filing rate and the accuracy rate of filing information have reached 99%.

The real-name system for telephone calls was implemented, and more than 24.55 million high-risk phone cards were accumulatively implemented "secondary real-person authentication".

Strengthen technical defense methods.

The 12381 fraud-related early warning and dissuasion short message system has been established, and the public security organs have taken the initiative to identify 820,000 potential victims to avoid the masses being deceived to the greatest extent.

  The second is to focus on key issues and carry out special rectification.

In response to issues such as high-risk phone cards involving fraud and the order of the Internet market, we have carried out a number of special operations such as card-breaking operations, centralized camera network security rectification, APP governance, Internet industry rectification, etc., and organized a centralized investigation and disposal of 64.41 million high-risk phone cards involving fraud. We dealt with 1,079 webcam security vulnerabilities, and removed a total of 408 APPs that refused to be rectified.

Among them, through special rectification actions in the Internet industry, major Internet companies through rectification, accelerated the improvement of internal management systems, basically cleared the problem of “cannot be turned off” information in open-screen pop-ups, illegal use of “black broadband”, and inaccurate filing information. Also drastically reduced.

  The third is to crack down on illegal activities on the Internet and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

To prevent and manage telecommunications network fraud, the number of calls and text messages involved in fraud has been intercepted more than 1 billion times since the beginning of this year.

We cracked down on "black broadcasting" and "pseudo base stations", and cooperated with the public security departments to investigate and deal with more than 16,000 illegal and criminal cases of "black broadcasting", and more than 6,000 illegal and criminal cases of "pseudo base stations".

The crackdown is relatively large, and the current results are relatively obvious.

The mobile phone card "One Pass Check" service has been opened, and the average daily account sales increased by 13% in just one month, effectively solving the problem of users being issued cards without their knowledge.

  Zhao Zhiguo said that with the continuous development and emergence of new technologies and new businesses, while bringing convenience to the people's production and life, the methods of illegal crimes on the Internet are also constantly updated.

Therefore, in the next step, we will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation and increase the intensity of prevention and control.

  The first is to compact the main responsibility.

Strengthen corporate responsibility chain management, and supervise leading companies to take the lead in implementing industry management regulations.

In response to key issues and key enterprises, we will “look back and look back” and increase punishments for enterprises that have repeatedly violated laws and regulations.

  The second is to build a strong technical barrier.

Coordinate and dispatch the anti-fraud technology resources of the whole industry, and build a nationally integrated technology prevention and control system with different focuses.

At the same time, it actively uses new-generation information technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to continuously improve the capabilities of the "National APP Technology Testing Platform", continuously expand the scope, breadth and depth of testing, and improve technical prevention capabilities and levels.

  The third is to establish a long-term mechanism.

Carry out the "Personal Information Protection Law", and work with relevant departments to release and implement the "Management Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information for Mobile Internet Applications" as soon as possible.

The two levels of communications and public security in the whole province will cooperate with the anti-fraud work mechanism, and improve the coordinated linkage handling mechanism.

Promote Internet companies to establish a "dual list" system for personal information protection to further enhance user perception.

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