Internet company school recruits significantly increase the number of recruits

Ali recruits fresh graduates for 45 positions for the first time, Tencent expects to issue more than 7,000 admissions this year

  Every year, Internet companies’ "grabbing battles" are earlier than other industries. As many 2022 graduates posted online offers (admissions) that they received, let’s take a look at this year’s "big What is the market for factory" school recruitment?

Increase in school enrollment quota

Core positions open for the first time

  Last year, due to the epidemic and other reasons, the scale of school recruitment by major Internet companies has shrunk, and recruitment has basically moved to the cloud.

This year, as the epidemic situation improves, companies have resumed recruitment one after another.

  The school recruitment notice announced by Ali shows that this year is the largest school recruitment in Ali's history, opening 113 positions for fresh college graduates, of which 45 positions are recruiting fresh graduates for the first time.

  The non-technical positions recruited by the school accounted for more than half of all positions, including advertising marketing planning, space designer, content planning, service operation, cross-border supply chain operation, customer service robot trainer, etc.

For science and technology graduates, a number of cutting-edge technology positions are also open to fresh graduates for the first time, including technical standardization engineers, analog design engineers, video codec engineers, quantum computing scientists and other positions.

  Tencent is expected to issue more than 7,000 admissions this year, and the number of school admissions will increase by more than 40% annually. will open 150 positions for college graduates in 2022 this year, covering retail, technology, logistics and other fields in terms of business scope.

Software development engineers, test development engineers, industry solutions, architecture engineers and other technical positions accounted for more than half. Among them, cutting-edge technology positions such as multi-modal recognition, distributed computing, and quantum computing are open to fresh graduates for the first time.

At the same time, it also covers first- and second-tier cities in the employment area.

  ByteDance has also expanded its enrollment for three consecutive years. This year, campus recruitment has opened eight categories of positions, namely R&D, product, operation, sales, design, marketing, functional support, and game planning. There are more than 8,000 positions, an increase of over 30% year-on-year: R&D Class positions are the focus of recruitment, with more than 4,000; a large number of non-R&D positions have been added, for example, the demand for product positions is about twice that of last year.

At present, Bytedance provides job options for students in more than 20 cities across the country. Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen have the most jobs, and R&D positions are also added in Sanya and Chongqing.

  Meituan’s school recruitment plan this year has more than doubled from last year.

In June of this year, Meituan announced that it plans to recruit 60,000 new employees in 2021. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, positions are also distributed in more than 300 cities across the country, including development, customer managers, customer service, and logistics. And many other types of work.

  Among them, it is planned to recruit about 6,000 to 10,000 graduates of the class of 2022 through school recruitment, which is an increase of 100%-200% compared to the provision of more than 3,000 jobs for 2021 graduates.

In terms of job types, the Meituan School recruited more non-technical jobs, including a total of 64 job types, including development, algorithm, and retail.

There are many ways to upgrade benefits

Renting a house is guaranteed

  According to some freshmen netizens, this year's school recruitment salary level still has an overall upward trend.

  In fact, in addition to basic salary, companies also use housing subsidies, meal subsidies and other benefits to attract talents.

For example, some fresh graduates said that this year, Shenzhen Tencent’s rent subsidy for fresh graduates rose from 2,000 yuan per month in previous years to 4,000 yuan, which has driven up the surrounding rents.

  Tencent said that it also adopts a flexible office system, provides universal, multi-time and multi-shift shuttle buses to solve the commuting problem of employees; provides free breakfast and late night, with a variety of choices to meet the needs of different tastes; provides three-year rental subsidies, and interest-free house purchase loans. Provide good housing security for school enrollment; implement a comprehensive insurance and health protection plan, comprehensive health facilities, cultural shirts, holiday gifts, fruit coupons, in-house purchase platform discounts, etc., and consider the life needs of graduates in all aspects.

  Ali also said that it has recently upgraded its welfare policy, providing a million-dollar medical insurance for employees and their children. Employees can apply for up to 800,000 interest-free loan support for house purchases. Parents of employees can also enjoy free annual "carnation" medical examination services.

  JD’s benefits have always been praised by the industry, such as funding support for the highest million settlement plan, more than 10,000 free employee dormitories across the country, heart-warming funding subsidies for “I’m spending a Chinese New Year in”, and unlimited reimbursement for serious illnesses for older employees over five years Wait.


  How to get the admission book and listen to what the HRs say

  A human resources HR of Bytedance revealed to a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that, generally speaking, the recruitment process of Bytedance is divided into four stages: online application/introduction-written examination-interview-offer distribution.

Among them, different positions have different requirements for talents. The requirements for academic qualifications and majors will be presented in the specific job description. Candidates can determine the delivery according to their own experience, career planning, interests, expertise and job content matching. post.

Different positions have different interview rounds and format settings.

Generally speaking, each position has to go through 2-4 rounds of interviews, and the knowledge system and ability requirements of the investigation are not the same.

However, when interviewing candidates for school recruitment, interviewers have some general inspections: job philosophy, soft qualities (including communication skills, reflective review, logical thinking, learning ability), curiosity, development potential, and so on.

The most important thing for technical R&D positions is the basic computer knowledge and coding ability of the candidate.

The recruitment process is a written test followed by an interview. The written test consists of basic papers + professional papers in the form of online programming. Students need to solve as many questions as possible in a limited time.

  An HR from Tencent said that in technical recruitment, two aspects are mainly valued: one is good basic qualities, such as accurate understanding and expression skills, and quick and sensitive response ability; the other is strong professional skills and a solid programming language. Ability, operating system and network knowledge, data structure and algorithm capabilities, etc.

"In addition, we also hope that students with technical passion, strong self-drive, and strong learning ability will join Tencent." He said.

  During the interview, the candidates usually introduce themselves first, then the project Q&A, technical inspection, and finally the candidate questioning session, which lasts about 30-40 minutes.

  The above-mentioned HR emphasizes that the most important part of the resume is project experience. It is recommended that applicants focus on several cores: what project has been done, why should this project be done, what has been applied in the project, specific technical solutions or practices in specific technical fields What is it, what is the difficulty of the project, and how to overcome it.

If you actively find out-of-function problems in the project and do the corresponding technical construction, you can add points; and if you have technical expertise in related fields, you can compare articles or open source projects horizontally, which is a super bonus item.


  The top 5 graduate professional employment competitiveness in 2021

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  2. Intelligent Science and Technology

  3. Electronic and Computer Engineering

  4. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

  5. Business Administration, etc.

  Top 2 Employment Competitiveness for Engineering Majors

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Machine learning major

  Top 4 Employment Competitiveness for Science Majors

  1. Mathematics

  2. Statistics

  3. Probability

  4. Mathematical Statistics

  Popular employment directions for science majors

  1. Big data

  2. Artificial intelligence algorithm research and development related positions

  The above data comes from the "2021 College Freshmen Professional Employment Competitiveness Report"

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