On the morning of October 16, the opening day of the Greenland•Airport Sisley Mansion construction site kicked off.

From groundbreaking to brick-by-tile construction, it records every growth of Greenland•Airport Xisley Mansion and also witnesses the steady operation capability of the Greenland brand.

  Exploring the quality of the construction site

  The person in charge of the project said that the opening of the construction site is only the first step.

Greenland•Airport Xisley Mansion will stick to its original aspirations, and will not be afraid of market fluctuations, will not drop bids, and will not reduce allocations. With the strong strength of Greenland, it will present high-quality delivery and pay the owners a better life.

Activity site map (photo provided by the company)

  After the activity started, under the leadership of the staff and engineers, people put on safety helmets, took safety measures, and experienced the fine workmanship and sincere service of the green space.

  On the way back home in advance, visitors can enjoy the garden, enjoy the scenery, and enter the room. Guests can really feel the life activity line of the green space·Airport Xisley Mansion. In the garden demonstration area, the house garden and the landscape axis of different scenery have already appeared. The rudiment, lush flowers and plants, all exhibit the ingenuity of the courtesy.

In the three major exhibition areas, each process and explainers use data to transform them into straightforward life language, allowing visitors to clearly feel the mystery.

  Su Yan appearance details show the strength of Seiko

  In the display area of ​​material technology and construction methods, the demonstration of hydropower materials, plastering projects, floor heating projects, waterproofing projects, etc., have strictly implemented the standard of "model first" for green space. The detailed nodes of each process are supervised according to the requirements of third-party evaluation. Inspection of.

The construction process standards of roof waterproofing engineering, interior and exterior wall decoration engineering, etc. were displayed in front of the visiting guests one by one.

  In the safety experience area of ​​the construction site and the physical model in the building, the finalized steel protection channel, edge protection, stair protection, etc., are all displayed according to the requirements of the node, and the details are transparent and visible.

In these large exhibition areas, professionals will interpret the details of each material, structure, process parameters, etc., and answer questions for the owners with a professional and responsible attitude.

  After visiting the exhibition area, the owners still had a zero-distance exchange with Pang Liang, the deputy director of Tianjin Architectural Design and Research Institute and the Deputy Director of the Architectural Research Institute, on the [Good House Forum]. The engineer employer proposed We will provide comprehensive and professional answers to your questions and precautions such as material selection and structure of the house.

Activity site map (photo provided by the company)

  It is reported that as a Fortune 500 company, Greenland has always been an important node in its delivery system and a bridge between customers and projects.

Its meaning is not only to show the home's strokes and cents to the owner's eyes, but also to better interpret the quality of the craftsmanship it contains.

  Currently, urban agglomerations and metropolitan areas have become the main spatial carriers of economic and social development.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has become an area where Greenland Group vigorously cultivates and focuses on development.

As the key hub city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Greenland is guided by the purpose of “synchronizing the national airport strategy and arranging the global city clusters” under the background of the introduction of industries and population flow in the new airport of the capital Daxing Airport. Greenland•Airport Sisley The mansion is stationed in the new airport to build a better life in the metropolitan area.

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