Is the Stability Pact up to date?

The head of the euro crisis fund ESM, Klaus Regling, disagrees.

Why should the EU states try to push the debt, which has risen further during the Corona crisis, below the threshold of 60 percent?

The interest rates are low.

They also have to invest heavily in the Green Deal and digitization.

So what could be more natural than removing the debt ceiling or removing important investments from debt?

The Commission sympathizes with that.

That is already clear at the beginning of the (re) starting debate on the pact.

But where is it supposed to end?

There are always reasons why certain investments are indispensable and therefore should not be taken into account.

The 60 percent criterion, on the other hand, may seem outdated and arbitrary, but it is politically neutral - and who guarantees that interest rates will stay low?

Above all, however, as the FDP, Greens and SPD aptly stated after the exploration, the Stability Pact has already shown sufficient flexibility - even rather too much.