Delivery Hero joins the Gorillas food delivery service.

The restaurant delivery service has invested 200 million euros in the start-up that was founded last year and will receive eight percent of the shares, as Delivery Hero confirmed on Tuesday.

Mathematically, this results in a valuation of three billion dollars (2.5 billion euros) for Gorillas Technologies.

The Berlin company has set up a network of 140 warehouses in large cities in nine countries and promises delivery by bicycle couriers within ten minutes.

In the past six months, Gorillas have shipped a total of 4.5 million orders.

Tencent will be there again

In the latest, third round of financing, Gorillas raised a total of almost a billion dollars, the new investor announced.

In the transaction, the start-up is rated three times as high as in the financing round in March.

In addition to Delivery Hero, who contributed most of the money, donors such as Tencent, Coatue and DST, who were already involved in March, have also invested.

"This investment underpins our global ambitions and the opportunities that the industry offers," said Gorillas founder Kagan Sümer.

The company last made headlines when it sacked a good two dozen drivers after a wildcat strike in Berlin.

“Delivery Hero is on a mission to promote quick commerce worldwide, and we see Gorillas as one of the leading providers in Europe and the USA,” said Delivery Hero boss Niklas Östberg.

Gorilla's sales are growing at double-digit rates every month.

The market for fast food deliveries is booming: According to insiders, the US company DoorDash is investing in the Gorillas competitor Flink;

previously he is said to have also negotiated with gorillas.

Delivery Hero has only recently returned to the German delivery market, which, according to insiders, DoorDash is also aiming for.

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