China News Service, Liangshan, October 17th (Qi Yuting) Washing, drying, sorting, bagging, boxing, labeling... On the 16th, the sorting center of the E-commerce Logistics Agricultural Industrial Park in Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province was carrying out An important job: Packing 4000 boxes of high-quality apples.

The large trucks waiting at the gate of the sorting center will take these apples to the major supermarkets in Foshan, Guangdong.

  Zha Wei, general manager of Chongqing Fengdi E-Commerce Co., Ltd., counted the number of apples according to the order. He said: "The equipment used in the park is very advanced, precise, and fast. The quality of the selected apples is guaranteed and meets the high threshold of customers. , Large-volume procurement needs can also help local fruit farmers sell better prices.” Today, the Yanyuan County E-commerce Logistics Agricultural Industrial Park has reached agreements with more than 10 large-scale e-commerce platform suppliers like Chongqing Fengdi Long-term and stable cooperation.

The automatic sorting equipment system can identify more than 400 factors that affect the quality of apples, and accurately classify apples.

Photo by Wang Lei

  In the sorting center covering an area of ​​6000 square meters, an automatic sorting equipment imported from New Zealand is eye-catching.

The whole set of equipment includes main systems such as water feeding, internal and external quality inspection, weighing, empty container suspension transmission and full container transmission, and can handle 4 tons of apples per hour.

"This system can identify more than 400 factors that affect the quality of apples, accurately classify the apples, and sell high-quality Yanyuan apples to high-quality customers all over the country." said Liang Hongliang, the head of the sorting center department. These factors include external sources. The visible size, color, scars, etc. also include sweetness, dark scratches, and brittleness that are difficult to identify by manual sorting.

  To ensure that Yanyuan apples of different sizes and qualities have a better price and wider market, a complete industrial chain is necessary.

In October 2020, the Liangshan Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Project in Foshan, Guangdong, the Yanyuan County E-commerce Logistics Agricultural Industrial Park was put into use.

The park has a total investment of 220 million yuan and a planned area of ​​500 acres. Its functions cover agricultural products trading, storage, air-conditioning preservation, cold chain logistics, e-commerce platform construction, apple testing, sorting and packaging, and early deep processing of agricultural products.

At present, the park has attracted 18 e-commerce companies to settle in.

Among them, the agricultural product distribution center introduced SF Logistics.

According to the agreement, enterprises in the park can enjoy preferential prices from SF Logistics.

At the time of the apple harvest season in Yanyuan, the e-commerce logistics agricultural industrial park has also reached its busiest time.

Photo by Wang Lei

  The ripening season of Yanyuan apples is the busiest time of the industrial park.

This year, the park has purchased nearly 55,000 tons of apples from Yanyuan fruit farmers.

September to December is the peak season for the sales of Yanyuan apples, but during the off-season, the park is not free.

The 5000-square-meter fresh-keeping warehouse and air-conditioned warehouse in the park can store 3,100 tons of apples. Off-season sales increase the added value of apples.

Other apples that have not been sold in the circulation market will also be sent to the fruit wine brewing workshop in the park to transform into fruit wine, which effectively guarantees that Yanyuan apples can be sold throughout the year.

  "Our original intention to build the park was to help farmers increase their income. If the apple chain is opened up, it can be copied to other products. In this way, our rural revitalization will have more confidence." Yuan Dezhen, the main person in charge of the Yanyuan County E-commerce Logistics Agricultural Industrial Park said .

  It is understood that with the opening of the "Xichang-Shangri-La" and "Panzhihua-Yanyuan" highways, the Yanyuan County E-commerce Logistics Agricultural Industrial Park will also be built with the goal of "the largest distribution and distribution center for agricultural products in the southwest region".

In the future, the park will be equipped with "wings" for high-quality agricultural products from all parts of Liangshan Prefecture to "fly" out of the mountains and go further.


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