China News Service, Guangzhou, October 17 (Cai Minjieyue Road Construction) Guangdong Provincial Transportation Group announced on the 16th that after 27 hours of continuous operation, the E13 section of the immersed tube tunnel of the Shenzhong Pass has completed the immersion and docking.

So far, a total of 15 immersed tube tunnels have been immersed and docked, with a length of 2351.5 meters.

  The deep-medium channel is about 24 kilometers long, of which the submarine tunnel is about 6.8 kilometers long, and the immersed pipe section is about 5 kilometers long. The final joint is composed.

  The E13 pipe section placed this time is a standard pipe section, with a length of 165 meters, a width of 46 meters, a height of 10.6 meters, and a weight of about 80,000 tons. Its placement location has complex hydrogeological conditions, high navigable density, and risk of back siltation in the tunnel foundation trench. Big.

  Affected by the cold air and the cloud system surrounding the "Lion Mountain" typhoon, the Pearl River Basin has experienced continuous heavy rainfall and strong winds.

In order to grasp the window period for floating and sinking operations, the construction team communicated with the Guangdong Maritime Department, the National Marine Environmental Forecast Center and other units to grasp the typhoon dynamics and meteorological ocean current data in real time, coordinate the feeding and entry, and use the independently innovative gravel paving The flat boat "Yihang Jinping 2" leveled the foundation bed to lay the foundation for the docking of immersed pipes.

  The "Lion Mountain" had just left, and the No. 18 typhoon "Compasses" struck again.

Because the offshore construction area of ​​the project is located within the 7th level wind circle of the "Compasses", considering the intensity of the autumn typhoon and the complicated and changeable path, the deep and medium channel initiated the second level emergency response of anti-typhoon, and organized and arranged personnel, ship and aircraft evacuation, and equipment reinforcement in an orderly manner , Check the drainage system, temporary electricity system, etc., and strengthen the monitoring and forecast of back siltation at the tunnel site to reduce the risk of back siltation of the foundation trench and the erosion of the slope.

In view of the uniqueness and irreplaceability of the special ships for the project, the engineers also held several meetings for the protection of special ships and equipment to formulate special plans.

  After the typhoon passes, the project immediately conducts a comprehensive resumption inspection of the construction site and ship equipment, and arranges for divers to conduct underwater exploration and inspection of the docking end of the installed immersed pipe to ensure that the site meets the conditions for safe resumption of work, and prepares for the floating installation of the E13 pipe section .

  At 3:50 on October 15th, the world's first sinking tube flotation installation integrated ship carrying belt E13 tube section set sail.

Affected by the replenishment of weak cold air, the all-in-one ship was headed all the way against the current, heading into the wind, and heading against the waves, accompanied by showers and light fog with a visibility of less than 5 kilometers on the way.

  After 7 channel changes, the integrated ship arrived at the sinking waters at 19:10 on the 15th.

At 6:50 on October 16, through mooring, sinking, pulling and hydraulic crimping and other processes, the E13 pipe joint and the E12 pipe joint were connected.

At 21 o'clock on the 16th, it was determined by penetration measurement that the butt joint deviations were all within 50 mm, which met the acceptance evaluation standards.

  At present, the construction of the Shenzhen-China Corridor is advancing steadily.

In terms of bridge engineering, the pile foundations and caps of the main bridge have been completed, and the Lingdingyang Bridge has been transferred to the superstructure construction stage.

In terms of the island tunnel project, the construction of the east and west artificial islands was carried out in an orderly manner.


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