China News Service, Beijing, October 16 (Zhou Rui and Cao Nianrun) Zhou Changjiang, Secretary of the Board of Directors of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. ("CCCC") and Chairman of China Communications Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. ("CCCC Capital"), a few days ago In an interview with reporters, it was revealed that China Communications Construction's financial holding and capital services platform-China Communications Capital is launching the establishment of the "Transportation Power Nation Fund", which will unite relevant central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, local government guidance funds, private capital, various financial institutions, etc. The main body participates, builds an innovative industry fund platform, and improves the national asset industry fund pedigree.

  It is reported that the fund will focus on “big transportation, big cities”, and invest in new infrastructure, smart transportation, smart cities, and the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements. It will give full play to financial capital and innovation funds for the application of new technologies, smart smart industries, and new infrastructure. The innovative supporting role of new business formats such as the establishment of a diversified financing, hierarchical responsibility, and risk-controllable capital guarantee and operation management system, actively guide social capital to participate in the construction of a strong transportation country, and truly open up the transportation field to promote financing by industry, and promote production by financing. The good situation of integration and interaction will help upgrade the entire transportation industry chain and create new business formats in the infrastructure field, and make every effort to promote the implementation of the strategic goals and tasks of a strong transportation country.

  Zhou Changjiang stated that, as the only central enterprise that integrates state-owned enterprise party building work contact points, state-owned capital investment company pilots, and transportation powerhouse construction pilots, the innovative transportation infrastructure investment and financing model is endowed by the state to China Communications Construction Group ("CCCC" Group") important pilot tasks.

China Communications Group initiated the establishment of China Communications Capital, which will build a professional and systematic service for the development of the transportation industry through two major business units, industrial finance and capital operation, and provide a package of financial services for the national transportation industry.

  In addition, as an infrastructure company, China Communications Group has another important significance in building a financial platform to strengthen its control over key links.

Zhou Changjiang pointed out that CCCC is currently striving to extend the chain, build a strong chain and replenish the chain, and build a whole industry system such as sea, land, air and rail, information, and finance. Therefore, it must strengthen the management and control of key links such as capital operation, income and safety, and pursue value. Integration.

China Communications Group established "CCCC Capital" with the goal of promoting "resource capitalization, asset capitalization, and capital securitization", promoting the flow of state-owned capital, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned capital, and amplifying capital benefits.

  It is reported that after the establishment of China Communications Capital, it will mainly undertake financial management and business development functions, implement professional integrated management of the group's financial subsidiaries and financial businesses, optimize the group's financial asset allocation, and promote the rational flow of financial assets.

At the same time, the platform will also play its role of coordination and guidance, and support the further development and growth of existing financial platform companies and enhance the synergy of industry and finance through various methods such as comprehensive marketing, industry-finance coordination, mixed reforms, capital and policy support.

  Zhou Changjiang revealed that China Communications Capital will focus on the two major directions of "industrial finance and capital operation" and actively develop its business layout.

Industrial finance business is the business foundation of CCCC Capital, which mainly includes existing CCCC funds and CCCC leasing related businesses. In the future, it will actively expand supply chain finance, real estate investment management, insurance brokerage, asset securitization and international financial services.

Capital operation business is a new driving force for the development of China Communications Capital, which mainly includes industrial fund investment, direct equity investment, financial equity investment, financial asset investment, and investment and financing consulting services.


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