Aurélien Fleurot 2:47 p.m., October 17, 2021

Like electricity or gas, gasoline is increasingly expensive for the French.

In order to limit the effects of this price increase on the purchasing power of households, the government is preparing to announce several assistance measures.

In particular, a fuel check is under consideration.


1.53 euros per liter of diesel, 1.63 for unleaded: how far will fuel prices go at the pump?

To avoid an upsurge in the yellow vests movement that arose following the rise in gasoline prices, the government has indicated that it is considering measures to help the French.

The government has already taken steps to help households pay their gas and electricity bills.

But what will be the measures announced by the executive in the coming days? 


 Fuel: lower VAT, check… The government under pressure to lower prices

A fuel check

The preferred avenue remains that of a fuel check, like the energy check, with aid of 100 euros for the most modest households. The implementation of this check is however more complex since the idea of ​​the executive is to help those who have no other choice but to take their car to go to work or to travel. And therefore to precisely target the households concerned. That is why the option of lowering taxes does not seem to hold the line. It would be easier to set up, but it would amount to helping everyone a little, regardless of income.

The other option, that of a floating tax to respond to a cyclical rise in prices, does not seem to be the government's priority track either.

And the call to distributors to make a gesture, in the words of Barbara Pompili, the Minister of Energy Transition, was freshly received by professionals.

Reducing margins would only lower the plan by one or two euro cents per liter.

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