, Lanzhou, October 17 (Zhang Jing) On the 17th, the Modern Business and Logistics Forum kicked off in Lanzhou during the 8th China-Central Asia Cooperation Forum.

As one of the four sub-forums, "Modern Business and Logistics Forum", with the theme of "Prospering the Central Asian Trade Corridor and Building Silk Road Logistics Channels" as the theme, aims to help Gansu achieve gains in the new round of development and foreign cooperation in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. breakthrough.

  Gansu is at the forefront of China's opening to the west and has the geographical advantage of connecting the east to the west and expanding the north to the north. Lanzhou is also the "vanguard" of the export-oriented economic development of the "Belt and Road".

The choice of this forum to be held in Lanzhou will be conducive to taking full advantage of the core node cities of the Silk Road Economic Belt in Lanzhou and opening up platforms, passages, hubs and industries, and then comprehensively promoting the construction of the Lanxi city cluster and accelerating the importance of serving the country’s opening to the west. platform.

  Wang Jiayi, member of the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, said that Gansu Province has a special location and is an important part of the "Silk Road Economic Belt." The responsibility is the backbone and important support for promoting the development of the Silk Road and deepening cooperation in various fields among countries along the route.

  Zhang Dong, deputy director of the Eurasian Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that we must adhere to the national "One Belt One Road" initiative, make full use of the country's new round of western development opportunities and the platform of the 8th Central Asia Cooperation Forum, accelerate integration, promote development, and enhance development. New kinetic energy, new advantages for development, and high-quality development with an inclusive, pragmatic and open attitude.

  Ma Liqiang, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of State-owned Key Large-scale Enterprises of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, said in a speech titled “Interactive empowerment, large-scale enterprises help the high-quality development of urban logistics industry”, said that Lanzhou should take advantage of the hot iron and actively integrate into the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”. Accelerate the creation of a new pattern of opening, focus on ports, railways, cross-border and other aspects, strengthen the linkage between cities and enterprises, and strive to create new heights for the country to open west and south in the new era.

  Huang Hao, deputy director of the Internet and Service Economics Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Financial Strategy, said in a speech titled “Digital Transformation of the Logistics Industry: Trends and Challenges” that it is precisely based on the importance of digital logistics for China’s social and economic development , It is necessary to combine the development status of China's logistics, deeply dig into the main problems facing the development of China's digital logistics industry, explore the development momentum and trend of logistics, and propose a new path for the development of digital logistics to provide for the transformation and intelligent development of the traditional logistics industry. Useful reference.

  It is worth mentioning that the Gansu (Lanzhou) International Dry Port Management Committee, Uzbekistan "SU SHI KUN" Company, and Jetstar Logistics Co., Ltd. jointly signed the "Business Logistics Strategic Cooperation Agreement" at the forum.

The signing of the "Agreement" will effectively promote the mutual establishment of overseas warehouses between Lanzhou City and Uzbekistan, reduce bilateral trade costs, promote economic and trade exchanges between the two places, and allow the people of the two places to understand each other's culture and products to a greater extent.

  It is understood that Lanzhou City will use national high-end conferences to discuss the development of urban commerce and logistics and give full play to the propaganda effect of large-scale events, which can further enhance the influence of Lanzhou’s "One Belt and One Road" important node cities, important regional commercial centers and modern logistics hubs in Lanzhou, and polish Lanzhou. Business logistics business card.


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