According to FAZ information, the merger consultancy William Blair is putting its German business under new management.

Philipp Mohr recently handed over his post as head of the Frankfurt office and the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) to Dirk Felsmann, as can be heard in financial circles.

As a “Vice Chair” in international investment banking, Mohr will concentrate on cultivating contacts with key customers from now on.

Felsmann previously managed William Blair's business with financial investors.

We hear that he will keep this position in his new leadership role.

William Blair did not comment on request.

On the website, the titles of the two managers are not yet updated.

Klaus Max Smolka

Editor in business.

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Such personalities often occur in connection with experienced investment bankers who hand over administrative tasks and again do more of the actual business at the heart of investment banking: customers and deals. Mohr is an old driving man in Frankfurt's investment banking, had worked for Dresdner Kleinwort on a number of prominent transactions and rose to head of M&A after the merger with Commerzbank in 2009. He later moved to William Blair. For the advisor, who specializes in medium-sized transactions, Mohr managed, among other things, the purchase of Stedim Biotech for Sartorius, the sale of CCC to Telus and the sale of Backwerk to Valora. Mohr is involved in urban society as a board member of the Anne Frank educational institution. According to FAZ information, William Blair is currently mandated alongside Barclays,in order to sell the packaging manufacturer WP (formerly Weener Plastic) for the financial investor 3i - a transaction likely to be worth billions. Blair doesn't comment on that.

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