Includes retail space, new brands and specialty stores

Shopping centers keep pace with "Expo 2020 Dubai" with new expansions

Officials of shopping and retail centers confirmed to "Emirates Today" new expansions to coincide with the launch of the "Expo 2020 Dubai" activities, including the addition of new retail spaces, new brands, and specialized stores, as well as the opening of a new shopping center close to the exhibition grounds, and the establishment of a hyper A market operating under the "Out lite" system for selling products at prices close to wholesale prices.

«Dubai Outlet Mall»

Mohamed Nasser Khammas, CEO of Al Ahly Holding Group and Dubai Outlet Mall, said that the center, in keeping with Expo 2020 Dubai, made huge new expansions that include adding areas of up to one million and 800,000 square feet, which raises the total areas. related to the center, to reach 3.5 million square feet.

He added that the new expansions raise the competitiveness of the shopping center during the exhibition period, by adding a large number of stores, restaurants and retail stores.

He revealed that the center's management also intends, in keeping with the growth in demand during the "Expo 2020 Dubai" period, to establish a hypermarket inside the center with an "Out lite" system, which includes selling products at low prices close to wholesale prices.

Mercato and Town Center Jumeirah

For her part, Nasreen Boustany, Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Mercato and Town Center Jumeirah, said that the expansion has been done by adding new brands and stores in the two shopping centers, in line with the momentum of demand for shopping centers in Dubai markets during Expo 2020 Dubai period.

Boustany stressed that "Expo 2020 Dubai" will be one of the stimulating factors for the activity of the demand for shopping centers and malls from various categories of visitors, which made us keep pace with this by adding new stores in the sectors of women's and children's clothing, cosmetics, personal care, and office tools, as well as new outlets for restaurants. , and exchange services outlets and hair cutting.

She explained that the expansions will provide new options for shoppers, and support the competitiveness of the country's current markets in the shopping and retail sector.

«Lulu Shopping»

In the same context, Director of Corporate Communications at "LuLu International Shopping Group", Nanda Kumar, revealed that the group intends to conduct new expansions to keep pace with "Expo 2020 Dubai", most notably the opening of a shopping center near the "Expo area", which is expected to be completed during the last quarter of the year. current.

Kumar stressed that the local markets are currently witnessing competitive manifestations between shopping centers and retail trade, to raise sales shares during the period of the exhibition, which represents a strong boost for the sector.

An exceptional stage

to this, the retail trade expert and director of “Al Bahar Consulting Company”, Ibrahim Al-Bahr, attributed the high competitiveness in the shopping and retail sector during the “Expo 2020 Dubai” period, to the fact that the exhibition period was an exceptional stage in the sector, with the addition of new categories. From shoppers, including tourists and long-term visitors, spanning six months.

He stressed that the exhibition has raised the competitiveness in the sector, which is evident in the trends of various shopping centers to complete their expansion plans during the exhibition period, to acquire a share of sales during the exhibition period.

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