China News Service, Shenyang, October 15 (Li Xi) The 12th Liaoning International Agricultural Expo and the 21st Shenyang International Agricultural Expo are in full swing on the 15th.

  The reporter learned at the Expo site that 11 projects were successfully signed at the Shenyang Agricultural Industry Chain Investment Promotion Project Signing Conference, with an investment of up to 4.4 billion yuan.

  "Xiti" new projects in various agricultural counties and districts in Shenyang at the signing site.

Shenyang Fuhong Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. invested 2 billion yuan in Hunnan District to build a comprehensive industrial park integrating science popularization, teaching, production, and industrial tourism. This is also the largest agricultural product processing project in Shenyang in 2021.

  At the same time, Yuhong District of Shenyang City has harvested three major projects, including 30 million yuan of lactic acid bacteria sauerkraut and kimchi fermentation and production bases, 30 million yuan of MAP technical service center, and 100 million yuan of investment to build a nationwide Cordyceps militaris "four-in-one" "Demonstration planting base project; Sujiatun District Harvest invested 60 million yuan to build the second phase of the incubation center; Shenbei New District invested 10 million yuan to build a crayfish northern breeding base; Liaozhong Harvest invested 1.2 billion yuan to build unmanned, Industrialized Smart Breeding Technology Town Project; Mengjia Town, Faku County received an investment of 30 million yuan to build an industrialized project combining ecological planting and breeding.

Kangping County received investment of 700 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan to build cold chain logistics industrial parks, peanut deep processing projects, and Chinese herbal medicine planting and deep processing projects.

  In addition, in order to promote rural revitalization, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenyang Branch and the Shenyang Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau strategically signed a loan of 5 billion yuan.

Shenyang also added 17 provincial-level key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, including Dacheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Bollet Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

  According to reports, the Shenyang Agricultural Expo has grown from scratch, from weak to strong, from regional agricultural exhibitions to internationally renowned agricultural exhibitions, from "market-oriented" exhibitions focusing on agricultural product sales to comprehensive agriculture covering all fields. The exhibition is a very influential agricultural expo in Northeast and North China. It is becoming a festival that the masses are enthusiastically looking forward to, a stage for business exchanges and cooperation, and a carrier for the accelerated development of agriculture.


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