Red tourism is heating up, surrounding tours and "micro vacations" are favored—

  Enjoy a holiday without going out

  Our reporter Zhang Xue

  "Tickets are sold out" and "reservations have reached the upper limit"... During the National Day Golden Week holiday, popular scenic spots released similar information by appointment, reflecting the prosperity of the National Day tourism market from one side.

  According to calculations calculated by the Data Center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, from October 1st to 7th, 515 million domestic tourist trips nationwide have recovered to 70.1% of the same period before the epidemic on a comparable basis.

Realized domestic tourism revenue of 389.061 billion yuan, recovering to 59.9% of the same period before the epidemic.

During the National Day Golden Week, red tourism continued to heat up. Local tourism, surrounding tourism, and outings were the mainstream, and “light tourism” and “micro vacations” were favored.

  "Light tourism" and "micro vacation" are favored

  Xu Wei, who lives in Puhuangyu Community, Fengtai District, Beijing, arranged a local tour of Beijing for her family during the long vacation.

"Originally, I had to take my son to travel abroad during the summer vacation because the epidemic did not make it. I took advantage of the "October" holiday to compensate him. I found two scenic spots in the suburbs of Beijing and experienced a homestay. The whole family had a great time."

  After going through the high and low of summer travel, the demand for "compensation" travel was soaring during the National Day.

Coupled with multiple favorable factors such as the introduction of preferential measures in some places and scenic spots, tourists' travel demand will be released in the "Eleventh" Golden Week.

  Popular scenic spots ushered in peak passenger flow a few days before the holiday.

The Jiuzhaigou scenic spot in Sichuan resumed its opening before the holiday. Tickets were sold out for two consecutive days on October 2 and 3; at 22:00 on October 3, the instantaneous number of tourists in the ancient city of Lijiang in Yunnan exceeded 70,000, and the scenic spot launched a three-level warning; just now; The recently opened Beijing Universal Resort welcomed 25,000 visitors to the park on the first day of the holiday...

  Holiday outings drive the sales of air tickets, hotels, homestays, car rentals and other products.

On the Fliggy platform, the number of country house orders from October 1 to 3 was 5.6 times that of the previous month. The number of orders for high-star hotels increased by 380% from the previous month, and the number of car rental orders increased by 150% from the previous month.

Tickets, car rentals, and theme tours on the Ctrip platform increased by 19%, 43%, and 47%, respectively, compared with the same period in 2019.

  Affected by the weather and the rebound of the local epidemic, the demand for medium and long-distance tourism has not been fully released. Holiday tourist flow is mainly concentrated in the province, with local travel, surrounding travel, and nearby outings being the mainstream.

According to special survey data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 49.1% of tourists choose to travel across cities in the province; 88.3% of tourists travel within 300 kilometers; the proportions of tourists visiting rural villages and suburban parks around the city are 28.9% and 25.8% respectively.

The "light travel", "micro vacation" and "house hotel" characterized by short time, close distance and high frequency are favored by tourists.

Reservations for resort hotels, high-quality country houses and hotels around theme parks in the suburbs of first- and second-tier cities are hot, and RV camping and surrounding self-driving have become popular travel spots.

  Red tourism is younger

  On October 2, on the Qianmen Pedestrian Street in Beijing, Wang Ruiqin, a family of tourists from Tianjin, wearing red masks with the theme of National Day, waving the national flag in their hands, marched happily in the direction of Tiananmen Square.

"We want to take our little grandson to see Tiananmen Square and celebrate the motherland's birthday together."

  During the National Day holiday, many tourists choose to visit the Red Scenic Area to send birthday wishes to the motherland during the journey. Red tourism ushered in a small climax.

Red tourist attractions and patriotism education bases all over the country have launched a series of activities to provide tourists with a red cultural feast.

The Museum of the History of the Communist Party of China, the Memorial Hall of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Yan'an Revolution Memorial Hall, the Jinggangshan Revolution Museum in Jiangxi, the Xiangshan Revolution Memorial Hall in Beijing, the National Museum, and the Military Museum are popular red landmarks during the National Day holiday.

  Red tourism presents the characteristics of youthfulness and parenting.

On the Fliggy platform, the number of National Day red travel orders for "post-00s" has increased by more than 80% year-on-year.

Changsha, Xiangtan, Nanchang, Zunyi, Yan'an, Jiaxing and Jinggangshan have become popular destinations for red tourism.

Taking advantage of the holiday to take the baby to visit the old red site and relive the history of the red, it has become the choice of many parents. According to the Ctrip platform, the proportion of parent-child trips in the red scenic spot has increased by 30% compared with the same period last year.

  Cultural relics and archaeological tropics have stimulated the rise of cultural tourism.

After the release of the new round of archaeological results, Sanxingdui Museum has received unprecedented popularity. The Sanxingdui Museum received 71,300 visitors in the 4 days before the holiday, an increase of 60.95% over the same period in 2019.

On the Fliggy platform, the order volume of museums, intangible cultural heritage and cultural and tourism integration related commodities increased by more than 15 times from the previous month.

Qunar platform "museum" search interest is the same as in 2020, an increase of 240% over 2019.

  The holiday market is generally safe and stable

  On the morning of October 1st, outside the Beijing Zoo, visitors who had reserved tickets in advance registered and entered the park in an orderly manner under the guidance of the staff. On-site volunteers remind visitors to wear masks from time to time and do not get together or gather.

  Tourists travel together during holidays, and the flow and gathering of people poses a severe test for epidemic prevention and control and travel safety.

In this regard, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism planned and launched the National Day holiday market in advance. During the holidays, through the integrated monitoring and emergency command platform, it will conduct real-time monitoring of epidemic prevention and control and production safety in more than 300 5A-level tourist attractions across the country every day, with "point-to-point" guidance. Locally deal with all kinds of problems and hidden dangers in a timely manner.

  All localities and scenic spots shall strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control management in all aspects of tourism, do a good job in the information collection, health inspection, and temperature testing of tourists and employees, and strictly implement the requirements of "limits, appointments, and peak shifts" in tourist attractions.

The "Yunnan Epidemic Prevention and Control Tips" module set in the "Travel Yunnan" app is convenient and practical. Visitors can learn about Yunnan's epidemic prevention policies and data in real time, as well as the opening, current limitation, and epidemic prevention and control notifications of various scenic spots and venues.

The Hainan Provincial Tourism Association has set up civilized tourism promotion posts in various scenic spots to guide tourists to actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work in accordance with the travel needs of tourists.

  In order to maintain a good market order, from September 30 to October 7, more than 151,000 cultural market operations were inspected nationwide, more than 29,000 scenic spots were inspected, and more than 20,000 travel agencies and their branches were inspected. There are 5385 teams.

  During the holiday period, there were no major safety accidents in the national cultural and tourism system, and the tourist satisfaction rate reached 85.5. The holiday market was generally safe and orderly.

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