The United States

announced on Friday the end of restrictions for foreign travelers with the Covid-19 vaccine


As of November 8, there will be freedom to re-enter the world's leading power for tourism, visit family or for work, ending more than a year and a half of limitations, according to the White House.

It was

in January 2020 when former President Donald Trump prohibited the entry of Chinese citizens

for fear that the virus would reach the US, a prohibition that later extended to other countries and that currently limited the entry into the national territory to any traveler foreigner who did not argue an exceptional cause.

The new regulation

benefits citizens of the countries of the European Union, in addition to the United Kingdom, China, India, South Africa, Iran or Brazil

, and will force passengers to present, in addition to their vaccination card, a negative Covid test before to get on the plane to the US.

Vaccines must be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), a list that also includes AstraZeneca.

The negative Covid-19 test will not be necessary for foreigners who cross through Canada or Mexico, also exempt from any type of quarantine.

Those who are not vaccinated yet will not be able to enter the United States,

although the White House has admitted that there could be exceptions, such as those under 18, something that is still being debated.

Stock rises

The announcement was welcomed by Wall Street, with increases of 2% for the main airlines of the country, Delta, United Airlines and American.

It also represents an important relief for the tourism sector, one of the hardest hit during the pandemic.

Roger Dow, president of the US Travel Association, said in a statement that "it is critically important for planning, for airlines and for millions of travelers around the world."

The moment in the US is one of optimism and caution regarding the pandemic.

On the one hand, the decrease in the number of daily positives from Covid is evident, 22% compared to the last 14 days (slightly above 86,000) and hospitalized.

But the death toll is still very high, more than 1,800 a day and with only 57% of the population vaccinated with the full schedule.

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