Chongqing Client at 6 o'clock on October 14 (Reporter Wu Lifan, Chief Reporter She Zhenfang) Before and after the Double Ninth Festival, many children began to prepare gifts for their parents, and the elderly consumer market, which was once ignored by young people, entered the public eye. What products do the elderly like to buy?

As technology advances and consumption upgrades, what changes are there in the consumption preferences of the elderly?

Recently, reporters from Chongqing Client conducted interviews with supermarkets in various business districts and the people around them.

Watch the live broadcast by video, the old man is more "tide" than you think

  Aunt Zhang, who lives in Yubei District, has retired for 5 years. In her spare time, she loves to use her mobile phone to browse live shopping.

She said: "It's not just buying clothes, but sometimes buying a fishing rod and buying shoes for an old man are all seen in the live broadcast room!"

  The reporter found in the interview that smart phones for the elderly are favored by many consumers.

With functions such as large screens, large characters, long standby, and hearing aids, the elderly are also playing more and more with smart phones.

  The Consumer Report "When Gen Z Meets the Silver-haired Clan" released by the Jingdong Big Data Research Institute shows that in 2020, affected by the epidemic, the frequency of online shopping among silver-haired users has increased, and online shopping habits have gradually formed.

They enjoy their interests in life, and sales of painting, photography, and swimming products are growing rapidly.

  The Internet has reshaped the values ​​of the elderly, and their attention to fashion trends and live webcasts is no worse than that of young people.

On short video platforms such as Kuaishou, there are a lot of "auntie"-level internet celebrities who earn millions a month with live broadcasts.

According to the "China Aging Industry Development Report", among China's mobile Internet users in 2020, the number of silver-haired people over 50 will exceed 100 million. The growth rate is much higher than that of other age groups on the entire network, with an average of 136 hours of online time per person per month.

  There is a trend of grabbing middle-aged and elderly users on the head platform, and some "elderly internet celebrities" have also emerged on the short video platform, and high-quality middle-aged and elderly creators such as "Grandma Wang who only wears high heels" and "Little Naughty Grandpa" are constantly pouring out, and some There are over 10 million fans.

Yu Mubing, the palm weaving grandfather of Chongqing Shizhu, is good at brown weaving and can make the shapes of flowers, birds, fish and insects lifelike. His granddaughter and son-in-law published the knitting process of his grandfather on the Internet, which was loved by many netizens.

Up to now, the three of them have more than 250,000 Kuaishou fans. The price of the product ranges from a few yuan to a few thousand yuan depending on the craftsmanship, size, and time consumption.

Today, the family earns about 30,000 yuan a month through training in palm weaving skills and selling goods.

Just leave, the elderly travel is "outrageous"

  "I just came back from Dunhuang. It will be cold next month. I plan to go to Hainan for half a month." Grandma Chen, who lives in a community on Shabin Road, Shapingba, told reporters that after retirement, her favorite thing with her wife is to travel everywhere.

  In terms of tourism, the ability of elderly people with money and time after retirement to spend on tourism should not be underestimated. Previously, the "2019 China Cross-border Tourism Consumption Report" showed that after 50s who have basically reached the retirement age in 2019, outbound tourists will spend a single time. Reached 6,706 yuan, in contrast, this consumption data of the post-90s is only 6,0667 yuan.

  In addition to travel, the spiritual and cultural needs of the elderly are constantly creating new markets.

A small TV set specifically for the elderly to watch theaters and dance square dances. Taobao sells for between 150-500 yuan and sells more than 4,000 units per month.

  The potential is huge, and the "Silver Economy" is expected to increase by more than 8 times in the next 30 years

  With the increase of the aging population and the change of thinking, the "silver economy" market is showing a rapid growth trend.

According to the "Big Health Industry Blue Book: China's Big Health Industry Development Report" jointly issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chinese People’s Health Insurance, in 2050, the number of elderly people aged 60 and over in my country will reach 483 million, and the total consumption of the elderly population will be 612,600. 100 million yuan, 1.89 times and 8.73 times respectively in 2020.

  The blue book also pointed out that the elderly population is the main body of the demand for elderly care services, and the aging of the Chinese population and the aging of the aging population are gradually increasing.

By 2030 and 2050, the total consumption of the elderly population will reach 18.33 trillion yuan and 61.26 trillion yuan respectively.

The number of pension-related enterprises in Chongqing is increasing year by year, and Yubei District ranks first

  Many companies in Chongqing are also deploying a "silver economy" to seize the market.

  According to the data from the company, there are currently 7,789 pension-related companies in Chongqing. In the past five years, the number of registered companies in Chongqing has increased year by year. In 2016, there were only 461 companies. In 2017, there were 662 companies, a year-on-year increase of 44%; There were 803 companies in 2018, and a significant increase in 2019, reaching 1,143, a year-on-year increase of 42%; in 2020, the number of registrations reached 1,495, a year-on-year increase of 31%.

In the first three quarters of 2021, a total of 929 related companies were added, a year-on-year decrease of 8%.

  In terms of regional distribution, Yubei District ranks first in Chongqing with 860 companies, followed by Jiulongpo District and Shapingba District, with 505 and 436 respectively.

After sorting out, the reporter found that most of these pension-related companies are engaged in industries such as general health care, community pensions, nursing homes, and training of pension-related personnel.

  What advice do you have for companies that want to engage in the elderly care industry?

Zhang Qing, a professional marketing consultant for a foreign trade company in Chongqing, found in his export experience that developed countries have not only developed many and meticulous product markets for the elderly, such as toilets, umbrellas, and travel chairs for the elderly. These things are available in China. , But the industrial chain is still not sound.

In addition, the elderly attach importance to family affection, and the perceptual consumer psychology factors are greater.

Due to the lack of children to accompany, many nursing homes in Japan have popularized robots that chat with the elderly.

In these areas, the domestic market has great potential to be tapped.

Small survey: What gift do you give your parents on Double Ninth Festival?

  On Double Ninth Festival, what gifts are you willing to buy for your parents?

The reporter also conducted random interviews.

  "Clinical thermometer, blood glucose meter, blood oximeter, sleep monitor, pedometer, cervical traction device... I can’t remember which Chongyang Festival this is. Anyway, I bought these elderly homes for my parents. You can open a rehabilitation hospital with medical and health equipment!" Mr. Wu, a citizen, said to the reporter with emotion.

  Ms. Liu, who lives in Blue Lake County, Yubei District, said that she would prefer to buy something her parents love. She said, “I eat rice dumplings on Dragon Boat Festival and moon cakes on Mid-Autumn Festival. For parents. I think that when Chongyang Cake becomes as widely known as Zongzi Mooncake, this festival will probably be remembered by people."

  In Tianjie, Beicheng, the reporter met the citizen Ms. Jiang who was shopping for gifts for her parents. She carried a large bag of clothes: “It has been cold recently. I bought a set of thermal underwear and jackets for each of my parents. It is very practical. "

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