China News Service, Harbin, October 13 (Reporter Wang Nina) On the 12th, my country's largest and most modern large-scale state-owned enterprise, Beidahuang Group, released a message: As of October 11, Beidahuang Group has achieved good results in autumn and 40,106,100 acres of land has been The autumn harvest was completed, and the completion rate reached 89.41%. It is estimated that the total grain output this year will reach 46 billion jin, an increase of 3 billion jin over the previous year.

  This year, Beidahuang Group’s total sown area of ​​grain crops was 44.578 million mu, an increase of 1.177 million mu over the previous year.

By increasing the planting area, optimizing the planting structure, and strengthening disaster prevention and mitigation measures, the group is expected to achieve "Eighteen Lianfeng" this year.

At present, the group is maintaining a good harvest of autumn grain, ensuring that the pellets are returned to the warehouse, and ensuring a bumper harvest. By then, it will achieve a historic new achievement for my country's cumulative production of one trillion catties of grain.

The autumn corn harvest scene of the 854 Branch of Beidahuang Co., Ltd.

Photo by Zhang Ping

  As the "national team" of my country's food production, Beidahuang Group has always been the "ballast stone" of my country's food security.

In 2020, the amount of food transferred from the Great Northern Wilderness is 40.55 billion jin, which accounts for about 20% of China's transfer, which can meet the annual ration supply of 160 million urban and rural residents.


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