At present, heating has been started in parts of Northeast and Inner Mongolia, and the electricity consumption has increased significantly.

Power generation companies have increased the supply of electricity and coal for heating in the Northeast and Inner Mongolia to ensure that local residents can survive the winter smoothly.

  As the leading coal company in Northeast China, the State Power Investment Corporation Inner Mongolia was operating at full capacity during the National Day, producing 1,649,900 tons of raw coal, transporting 350 trains in total, and sales of 1,533,600 tons of coal, an increase of 203,700 tons or 15.31 tons over the same period last year. %.

Effectively guarantee the supply of electricity and coal in the Northeast.

Chen Jianguo, General Manager of Inner Mongolia Branch of State Power Investment Corporation:

At present, the heating network systems of Tongliao City and Chifeng City have been connected to water and are fully equipped for heating conditions.

All 29 units are operating safely and stably, and the power generation is connected to the Northeast Power Grid through the East Inner Mongolia Power Grid to ensure the power supply of the Northeast Power Grid.

  With the substantial increase in power consumption in Northeast China in late September, the entire group has entered the most tense period.

Especially since the beginning of this year, the price of coal has been high and the supply has been tight. Some time ago, SPIC had a tense situation where the coal storage days of its 20 power plants were less than 7 days.

Xu Shubiao, deputy general manager of the State Power Investment Corporation:

At present, a fund pool of 3 billion yuan is prepared from the whole group level, and the whole group is deployed to ensure that there is no shortage of money to buy coal.

This also reflects our responsibility as a central enterprise and to fulfill our social responsibilities.

  With special fund guarantee, all power plants with coal stocks of less than 7 days under the State Power Investment Corporation have been cleared.

In addition to the State Power Investment Corporation, the National Energy Group’s cumulative power generation in the Northeast region has completed 2.36 billion kWh, 14.6% year-on-year; the cumulative power generation in North China has completed 3.63 billion kWh, an increase of 24.4% year-on-year.

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