Chiba Prefecture has decided to resume the use of "Go To Eat" premium meal tickets, which have been suspended for 10 months due to the spread of the new coronavirus, as long as they have already been issued. rice field.

This was revealed at a press conference by Governor Kumagai of Chiba Prefecture on the 14th.

Chiba Prefecture has stopped using the premium meal vouchers for "Go To Eat," which stimulates demand for eating out, since December last year due to the spread of infection.

Governor Kumagai said, "The infection situation is calm and I want to support the economic recovery in the prefecture." I announced that.

After that, he said, "We must gradually ease the accelerator and diversify the demand, instead of pushing the accelerator all at once." Regarding the sale of new meal tickets, we will consider the future infection situation. I showed my thoughts.

At the same time, the prefecture's own accommodation special treatment campaign will resume the use of the issued special treatment ticket only when the citizens of the prefecture travel alone or with their families.

The expiration date for both is December 15th.

He also stated that he "thinks that further mitigation is possible" regarding restrictions such as business hours for restaurants that are due on the 24th of this month. I showed my idea to go.

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