Toward the realization of a carbon-free society, when companies use aircraft for freight transportation and business trips, ANA will start efforts to select alternative fuels such as plant-derived fuels that emit less carbon dioxide than conventional fossil fuels. It was decided.

According to the announcement, participating companies will be able to choose to use alternative fuels, such as those derived from plants, that are said to reduce carbon dioxide by approximately 80% over traditional fossil fuels when using ANA aircraft.

If you choose an alternative fuel, you will have to pay an extra fee, but you will receive a certified carbon dioxide reduction certificate from a third party.

At the end of last month, this initiative was used for freight transportation of automobile parts from Narita Airport to Germany, and at the recital on the 14th, a reduction certificate was handed to the logistics company that used it.

According to the company, the price of alternative fuels is several times higher than that of conventional fossil fuels, so we would like to expand the use of alternative fuels while reducing the cost burden through this initiative.

President Yuji Hirako said, "The utilization of alternative fuels is lagging behind in Japan compared to Europe and the United States, and we need to urgently respond. We would like to expand the utilization quickly by cooperating with our business partners."

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