The average amount we paid for daily groceries in the first eight months of this year, both in the supermarket and online, was 3.6 percent higher than in the same period a year earlier.

Market researcher Norman Buysse of GfK confirms this on Wednesday following reports from the



About 2 percentage points of that increase can be attributed to inflation.

The products we put in our baskets or trolleys are therefore more than 1.5 percent more expensive than a year earlier.

"That may partly have to do with what we buy," says Buysse.

For example, a year ago, when we were mainly forced to spend a lot of time at home, we spent much less on personal care products.

And there are fewer offers.

For example, since 1 July it is no longer allowed to stunt with the price of alcohol.

"The price peaks do not include fresh products," says GfK.

Personal care products, beer and soft drinks in particular have a higher final amount on the average receipt.

It is difficult to explain why soft drinks have become more expensive.

The deposit on small bottles only applies since 1 July of this year.

"This may be due to more expensive raw material prices or more expensive packaging material."

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