The brutal methods with which VW boss Herbert Diess tries to enforce his positions seem strange.

But they are a reaction to the inertia in the Volkswagen system.

The dispute over efficiency has a long history, especially at the main plant in Wolfsburg.

In order to break the fronts there, Diess has put a drastic scenario into the room.

30,000 jobs for the VW brand could be at risk if the group does not orientate itself more closely to competitors such as Tesla.

As a striking example, the lawns at the headquarters are mentioned again and again, which could easily be mowed by robots instead of having them kept in good shape by specialists for 40 euros an hour, as is now the case.

In fact, VW will probably find a way to keep the consequences of the competitive pressure smaller with group-typical deals between employees and capital.

But that does not mean that Diess is wrong with his analysis.

On the contrary: In Wolfsburg in particular, efficiency must increase in order to secure the location for the future.

Not only external, but also internal rivals such as the VW locations in Slovakia or Portugal, not to mention China, will otherwise increasingly overtake the headquarters.

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