• Agreement The new Housing Law will force large owners to lower rents and freeze the price for individuals

The agreement for the future Housing Law between PSOE and Unidas Podemos includes the "withdrawal of tax privileges" for large landowners.

It was one of the points that transcended the pact, although neither a government partner nor the other specified what it was about.

Until today.

As the Minister of Finance,

María Jesús Montero,

has advanced


the 2022 budget project includes a reduction in the tax credit in corporation tax for companies engaged in housing leasing, from 85% to 40%.

According to Montero, this measure was already announced "when we made the agreement (of the housing law) public and that it is already being advanced in this budget."

It is one more of the demands that Unidos Podemos has put on the table in recent months to support the Accounts for next year and today that demand has been specified, as has the demand that has to do with

Corporation Tax


The 2022 PGE incorporate a minimum rate of 15% for corporate tax for companies with a turnover of more than 20 million euros or that constitute consolidated groups, so that "due to the effect of deductions" they cannot fall below that figure.

This minimum rate will be 18% for credit and oil companies -whose nominal rate is 30% instead of 25% for other companies- and 10% for newly created companies, whose nominal rate is 15%.

The impact of the establishment of a minimum rate will be seen in 2023, which will be when 2022 is settled, for about 400 million euros, while in 2022 it will add less than 50 million, explained Montero in statements collected by the

Efe agency.

This measure is an "adjustment", insisted the minister, who has focused on a reform "much more ambitious" in the future that will focus on "how and in what way are tax credits consolidated."

Changes in pension plans

Montero has estimated at 2,000 million euros the "savings" for families, the self-employed and companies due to the suspension of the electricity production tax, the reduction of the VAT on electricity and the special tax on electricity, with the consequent loss of revenue.

Specifically, given that the special electricity tax "goes entirely to the regional coffers", this loss of income will have to be compensated.

Montero has also indicated that as of next year

the maximum

deductible annual


in individual pension plans

will drop from 2,000 to 1,500 euros

while it rises to 8,500 in group or company plans.

The minister has added that in the types of business plans in which contributions from the worker are allowed, these may be deducted above 1,500 euros as long as the company's contribution is higher and with that global limit of 10,000 euros.

It has advanced that a specific epigraph will be created in the tax on economic activities for the activity of journalists.

He has also insisted on the Government's commitment to the fight against fraud by advancing a record budget for the Tax Agency of 1.7 billion.

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