The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has dismissed complaints from two dentists against the doctor rating portal Jameda.

This was announced by a BGH spokesman in Karlsruhe on Wednesday.

The couple from North Rhine-Westphalia must therefore tolerate being listed on Jameda in the future, decided the BGH and thus strengthened the company's back.

At first there was no justification for the decision.

The doctors had requested not to be listed on the portal in the future and justified this with the Jameda business model, among other things.

From their point of view, it favors doctors who can use paid packages to make their profile more appealing via a picture or links than so-called basic customers who do not pay.

The judges did not see it that way in the present case.

Jameda should not give its premium customers inadmissible preference - but here it always depends on the individual case, the BGH judges emphasized at the hearing on Tuesday.

There is no general right to equal treatment for paying and non-paying doctors.

(Ref. VI ZR 488/19 and VI ZR 489/19)

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