China News Service, Wuhan, October 13 (Zhang Qin, Liping Fan) The award ceremony of the 2021 China (Wuhan) Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Competition was held in Wuhan on the 13th. "Intelligent 3D Perception Software System for Smart Cars and Transportation" "5G High The three projects of "Performance Copper Clad Electrical Insulation Material" and "Integrated System for Minimally Invasive Interventional Surgery" won the first prize.

  The event is sponsored by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and the People's Government of Hubei Province. It aims to build a platform for Hubei Province to connect with global talents, integrate innovative and entrepreneurial resources, introduce original, original, and leading overseas high-tech projects, and attract more Overseas high-level talents and teams will accelerate the technological innovation and industrial development of Hubei Province, and promote the high-quality development of Hubei's economy.

The award-winning project signed on-site photo by Zhang Canlong

  According to the organizer, since its launch in May this year, the competition has been centered on three major areas: artificial intelligence and electronic information, general health and biomedicine, and high-end equipment and new materials. Mainland China has set up a sub-contest area, and set up a special invitation sub-contest area in Macau.

The competition attracted 557 outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial projects from all over the world to register for the competition. After various selections, 83 projects finally entered the finals.

  At the award ceremony, a number of award-winning projects were signed with Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone and investment institutions.

Ruan Jun, the second prize winner of the competition and the project leader of "Technical Research and Industrialization of Ultra-thin Flexible Glass Material Preparation and Flexible Cover Plate", said that Wuhan Optics Valley has a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain of the LCD industry and Wuhan's unique geographical location Bringing convenient transportation and logistics, and complete related supporting policies, the project has been finalized and settled in Optics Valley.

The 6th "China Optics Valley 3551 International Entrepreneurship Competition" was launched on the same day. Photo by Zhang Canlong

  According to Wang Shoudong, a member of the China Association for Science and Technology Party Committee and secretary of the Party Committee, the China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Competition was founded in 2016 and has become an important platform for overseas scientific and technological talents to innovate and start businesses in China, which has effectively promoted the integration of technology and economy and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

  The 6th "China Optics Valley 3551 International Entrepreneurship Competition" was launched on the same day.

It is reported that this year's competition will be the first pilot of the "opening competition" cooperative competition model, that is, leading companies put forward recommended propositions according to the development direction of the industry, and related research or progress has been made in the recommended direction by independent review by leading companies.

The key recommended projects for particularly high-quality, leading companies can directly advance to the semi-finals or finals of the competition.


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