The journalist asked the Russian leader a question when, in his opinion, it would be possible to see contracts for the supply of oil not in dollars, but in other currencies, in particular, in cryptocurrency.

“Contracts in cryptocurrency?

It's too early to talk about this, because cryptocurrency, of course, can be a unit of account, but it is very unstable.

In order to transfer funds from one place to another - yes, but to trade, let alone trade in energy resources, in my opinion, is still premature.

The cryptocurrency is not backed by anything yet.

It exists and as a means of calculation can be used, of course, yes, but trading in oil, say, or other primary materials and energy sources - still, it seems to me, it is too early to talk about this, ”said the President, his words are given on the Kremlin website.

At the same time, Putin noted that "everything is developing, everything has the right to exist."

“We will see how it will go further, maybe someday it can also be a means of accumulation.

We see this market fluctuate.

It's a bit early today, ”he summed up.

In the summer of 2020, Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating transactions with digital financial assets.

The President of Russia also called for careful consideration of the use of cryptocurrency.

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