Iran to execute Arman Abdolali, citizen arrested aged 17

Iran is still the top performing country in the world after China.

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This Wednesday, October 13, Iran is preparing to execute a man who was nevertheless a minor at the time of the facts of which he is accused.

While the universal abolition of the death penalty is demanded by NGOs and states including France, Iran is still the country that executes the most in the world after China.

The case of Arman Abdolali, who is now of age, is not the only one.


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In Iran, beatings, violence, threats to the family are practiced, explains Anne Denis, head of the commission for the abolition of the death penalty for Amnesty International, at the microphone of

Martin Chabal


The prisoners “ 

do not have a lawyer, since in fact they are questioned, they are put in secret detention… So no contact with an adult who could advise them.

When they come of age, they are executed.

And there, Tehran says: you see, we are in conformity with international law.

And we end up with dozens of minors sentenced to death. 


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And Anne Denis continued: “ 

This year, we know that there was a secret execution.

In the 2020 report, we had at least three minors executed.

There, I do not know what it will give this year, but we know that they have performed several.


Iran is a state party to the

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

, also to the

Convention on the Rights of the Child,

notes the head of Amnesty International.


They ratified this pact and this convention, which prohibits the execution, the death sentence and the execution of delinquents who were minors at the time of the facts



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