Chinanews, Taiyuan, October 12 (Gao Ruifeng) "The provincial rain and waterlogging disaster relief fund was urgently issued to 50 million yuan, and the Ministry of Finance and the Emergency Management Department allocated the first batch of 50 million yuan in Shanxi disaster relief funds. Shanxi Charity Federation Disbursed 148 million yuan, and the social disaster relief donations accepted by the Shanxi Provincial Red Cross were coordinated by the Provincial Emergency Department of 80.2 million yuan.” On the 12th, the reporter learned from a press conference held by the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office that the province allocated disaster relief funds. More than 300 million yuan.

  Song Haibing, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department of Shanxi Province, said that up to now, charity associations at all levels in the province have received a total of 290 million yuan in donations and materials.

Among them, 148 million yuan of donations and 62 million yuan worth of urgently needed materials such as winter clothes and quilts have been urgently allocated to the disaster-stricken Song area.

"In the preliminary unified examination, the province has implemented a total of 43,042 temporary assistance to the disaster-stricken people, including 22,509 urban and rural subsistence allowances and special hardship support recipients, and a relief fund of 25,001 million yuan has been issued."

  Bai Bing, vice chairman of the Red Cross Society of Shanxi Province, introduced that as of 24:00 on October 11, the province's Red Cross system had received a total of nearly 136 million yuan in donations.

Among them, the capital is 112 million yuan, and the materials are 23 million yuan; the provincial level is nearly 122 million yuan, of which 101 million yuan is the capital and 20 million yuan is the material.

  "After the disaster, 1.2 million yuan was immediately allocated to support the flood relief work of the Red Cross Societies in Taiyuan, Luliang, Yangquan and other cities; on October 9th, 3.504 million yuan was allocated again for materials (including funds allocated by the Chinese Red Cross Society). The total amount of 1.991 million yuan in disaster relief materials) was used to support the flood relief work of the Red Cross Societies in 6 cities including Taiyuan and Luliang." Bai Bing said.

  Wang Qirui, director of the Emergency Management Department of Shanxi Province, said that at present, the reserves of disaster relief materials are abundant and will be allocated in time according to demand in the future.

In the next step, the repair and reconstruction of damaged houses will be carried out in an orderly manner, the post-disaster sanitation and epidemic prevention work will be strengthened, and the disaster-affected areas will be guided to carry out elimination and epidemic prevention work.

At the same time, increase efforts to ensure the supply of energy such as coal, electric power, and natural gas, rush repairs to protect the road sections damaged by disasters, and carry out agricultural "double reduction and double grab" to minimize disaster losses.