Yemen's Prime Minister meets with President Al-Sisi in Cairo

Yemen Prime Minister Maïn Abdelmalek Saïd, during a press conference in Cairo, October 11, 2021. AFP - KHALED DESOUKI

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Humanitarian crisis, Iranian interference, ceasefire injunction ... Maïn Abdelmalek Saïd, the Yemeni Prime Minister was in Cairo on Monday, October 11 as part of a bilateral meeting with his Egyptian counterpart as well as with President Al-Sisi, while negotiations with the Huty rebels stalled.


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With our correspondent in Cairo


Edouard Dropsy

The battle for Marib, the government's strategic stronghold east of Sana'a, continues between the Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led coalition.

The latter announced to have killed 156 fighters south of the city on Monday

At the same time, in Cairo, Maïn Abdelmalek Saïd warned against an extension of the conflict in this area: “

This will have enormous human and economic costs.

This could lead to a new cycle of violence across the country

The Yemeni prime minister was tough on the Shiite Houthi ally Iran and called on the rebels to return to negotiations: “

I want everyone to sit around the table.

No one can control the country alone, no faction can do that.

Political power will not allow it

Yemen, at war for seven years, now has more than 20 million citizens in humanitarian emergency 


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