Have you bought an old house in need of major renovations?

Do you live in an old building that has been draughty and has been costing your head to heat for years?

Rather than settling for small side jobs, maybe now is the time to think big.

The “Help for the efficient renovation of a single-family house” bonus can help you settle the construction bill.

55% energy gain

This system was put in place in October 2020 as part of the “Coups de Pouce” offers, which consist in improving the “energy premiums” paid by electricity, gas and other fuels suppliers to individuals for the realization of their energy renovation work. This sponsorship is presented as follows: it makes it possible to reduce household bills, while operators can meet their energy saving obligations vis-à-vis the State.

While the other bonuses target a specific job site, this formula is intended to encourage owners of a single-family home to improve their home overall.

The work undertaken must make it possible to reduce the consumption of primary energy - heating, air conditioning and hot water - by at least 55% compared to the level recorded before the construction site.

A bunch of necessary works

To achieve this, it will be necessary to carry out a range of work determined by a mandatory prior energy audit. It is an RGE certified specialist (recognized guarantor of the environment) who will examine your home from every angle in order to assess its energy and thermal characteristics, then recommend improvements likely to double its energy performance. . Replacing your heating with a more efficient model, refurbishing your ventilation or domestic hot water system, insulation of the walls… many solutions are possible.

These are suggestions that you are free to accept or not.

Be aware, however, that to qualify for the "Performance renovation boost", you must carry out at least two works, one of which must concern the insulation, as desired, of the walls, roof or low floors, all while taking action on 75 % of the surface.

Variable aid amounts

While all single-family home owners can benefit from this global renovation bonus, its amount varies depending on the nature of the work carried out and the level of resources. For modest households (27,896 euros of reference tax income for a couple in the region), the subsidy must amount to at least 300 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh) of final annual energy consumption saved once the house has been renovated. , when the site has, among other things, allowed the replacement of coal or fuel oil equipment.

In the same hypothesis, wealthier households receive 200 euros per MWh. Moreover, when the work did not involve this type of change, the aid reaches 250 euros per MWh for precarious individuals, against 150 euros per MWh for others. Finally, a bonus applies when the gain in energy performance is accompanied by a renewable heat rate of at least 50% in the house after construction (the required rate was only 40% before March 2021). The premium is then between 300 and 500 euros per MWh depending on the case.

Before getting started, check with the official Faire.gouv.fr platform on 0 808 800 700 (non-surcharged number) and make several comparative quotes.

Beware of unpleasant surprises, since the premium can take the form of a financial settlement or a simple voucher depending on the energy supplier.


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In practice

TotalEnergies, Oktave, Premium Energy, EDS Energies, and even Butagaz are among the operators to offer the “Helping hand for the efficient renovation of a single-family house”.

Primesenergie.fr, also distributor of the offer, gives a practical case on its site.

For a cost of work (including audit) valued at 19,200 euros, the premium can reach 12,352 euros, i.e. an outstanding charge of 6,848 euros which can be reduced by combining the aid with the MaPrimeRénov system.

In the end, the site costs 2,170 euros, according to the operator's estimates.

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